Welcome, Instructure Advocates

Members of the Global Instructure Advocacy Program share thoughtful collaboration, a service mindset, and a fundamental love for teaching and learning. Joining the Global Instructure Advocacy Program connects you with like-minded, impactful educators who share similar goals for our shared future.

Why Join?

Benefits of Being an Instructure Advocate

Collaborate with fellow educators leveraging the Instructure Learning Platform

Expand your professional portfolio with exciting opportunities to share your voice

Grow your professional network on social media and increase your reach

Continue your learning journey via customized professional development

Instructure Advocates

How it works

Numer 1

Submit your application or nominate a fellow educator

Number 2

Once accepted, you'll receive your notification and an official Advocate certificate

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Connect & collaborate with Instructure via Slack and email outreach

Once your application is received, you will be added to our Advocates queue for review. We accept Advocates in quarterly cohorts of 150 people. If you aren't accepted into the first cohort, you will be considered in the next round. No need to reapply.