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“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see further.” ― Thomas Carlyle

For learners, every opportunity can have a big impact. Each year, the First Ascent Scholars program at the David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah (USA), travels with first-year students to explore other business environments during a week abroad. These trips help scholars engage in cultural events and corporate visits to support their personal and professional growth and development. 

This year, Instructure had the pleasure of hosting the program for a second time as they traveled with nine students to London, England. Being a University of Utah alumni, I was particularly excited for their visit! The University of Utah uses Instructure’s learning management platform, Canvas, for more than 30,000 students. The opportunity for Instructure to interact with students and faculty to not only discuss how Canvas impacts their teaching and learning efforts but also emerging trends in business, entrepreneurship, and what it means to have truly engaged employees was immensely valuable. As we expand our focus on providing an employee development solution for corporations globally and my role as the Head of Product for EMEA at Instructure it was particularly valuable to understand what the next generation of learners and employees are seeking.  

Our EMEA leadership team dedicated half a day to help these scholars identify their potential career paths as they ready themselves for the world of employment. Instructure’s vision of helping people grow from their first day of school to their last day of work helps students understand the connection between the academic and professional worlds and get inspired about their future career paths. 

To help the University of Utah business students gain real-life perspective, I had the opportunity to lead an interactive Bridge Career Drivers session to help uncover which factors will be important to them as they plan their future careers. This is something we as an organisation take seriously as each manager goes through this exercise with their employees to identify whether or not their current position is fulfilling their desires inside of their career, and if not, create a plan that helps them on that career trajectory. This more often than not surprises our colleagues, and it was no surprise to see that many of these scholars’ results were radically different than what they anticipated entering the exercise.

As a strategic partner to institutions like the University of Utah we are proud to support them in enabling student growth and development, and honoured to spend time preparing scholars for their journey into the world of work!


Keep learning,

Sidharth Oberoi
Head of EMEA Product, Instructure


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