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Tools for Online Learning When the Classroom Closes

As schools and universities close or otherwise prepare for coronavirus (COVID-19), the Canvas team is here for you. We’re committed to helping ensure students and teachers have the tools they need to continue to connect, teach and learn from anywhere. We created this page to help you do just that. We’ll keep updating our resources. You keep washing your hands.

Helpful Resources for Coronavirus Planning

Contingency Planning

Our community continues to be amazing, coming together to support each other. Here, you'll find resources curated for instructors, students, parents and admins.

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Expert Insights

Read our three-part series on adapting to online quickly. Jared Stein, VP of Higher Ed Strategy, Canvas, shares insights for administrators, teachers and students.

Read the blog series


Live-Stream Sessions

Join the conversation or get past recordings as our expert customers and Canvas Advocates offer tips for using our tools.

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K-12 Canvas Resources

Access resources to help you prepare, plan and connect with students during this time.

View Canvas K-12 Tips

K-12 MasteryConnect Resources

See what MasteryConnect features you can leverage to help with online learning.

View K-12 MasteryConnect Tips

Higher Ed Resources

Review these recommendations and links as your institution transitions to an online learning environment.

View Canvas Higher Ed Tips

Free Canvas Account

We want to help get educators and students teaching and learning online. Teachers can create their own Canvas account and access resources in our community to get up and running quickly. This account never expires and offers all the features teachers and students need to transition to online learning.

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Partnership Support

Instructure's mission is to help people grow from the first day of school to the last day of work. One crucial way we accomplish this is by partnering with those who are equally committed to learning, innovation, and technology. We will continue to support institutions, teachers and students as they prepare for and transition to, online and distance learning.

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Canvas Is Right By Your Side

Ready to Scale

We’re prepared to scale Canvas as online learning needs require it. We’re also prepared to scale training for those who need guidance on running online courses with Canvas.

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Ready to Support

We know that an increase in usage and activity may mean an increased need for technical and product support. Fortunately, we have the flexibility to expand our support capacity as needed.

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