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      Mobility and Accessibility: The Canvas Mobile App

      Learn how the Canvas Mobile App provides essential access that reliably boosts success for students and faculty at Palo Alto College - anytime, anywhere by watching the video below. Students being able to access their course materials has never been easier.

      Transcript (Click Me)

      [MUSIC PLAYING] Edyln de Oliveira: I think it has been a challenging year because it's really brought it to light. Accessibility, right? Palo Alto College is located on a rural side of town, right? So, some of our students are located 20,30 miles outside of city limits and there's no good internet providers out there.

      Joseph Coppola: The students we serve here at Palo Alto College and San Antonio in particular has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the nation. And so the faculty acknowledge that we have a different student population and have tried to identify how we can best support our students. How can we reach them where they are?

      Elianna Franco: The Canvas App.

      Patrick Lee: The Canvas App.

      Alexandria Evans: The mobile Canvas App.

      Lizeth Razo-Robledo: Canvas on your phone.

      Lisa Soto: The app is super helpful because I mean really everyone's got a phone. Not alot of people have access to laptops or tablets or like a desktop or anything like that. So having the phone and having the app being able to be more portable. You can check things there. Everything's really nicely laid out on the Canvas mobile app. All your courses are right there in the front page. You can edit it how you see fit. What colors you want. You can even like nickname the classes. It's really cool.

      Alexandria Evans: Having the app honestly has helped me so much because of everything I do--I do through my computer and sometimes I can't be at my computer like when I'm working or at rehearsal or I'm out with family. And just having the app there and being able to pull out my phone and see what I need and it's so much easier than having to wait all day to get home and check through everything. Like it notifies me with every little thing that changes and it's just really helpful.

      Lizeth Razo Robledo: I think it's so important to have Canvas on your phone because there are some times that my internet is not the best and I have the opportunity to grab my phone and access anything that I need when my laptop isn't working or when I'm out and about. It is such a great way to contact your teachers and your classmates and stay connected regardless of where you are.

      Patrick Lee: Even when I'm sitting at my computer, sometimes I'm scrolling through Canvas for my own courses on my phone, because in many ways the functionality is better and more seamless than it is on the computer and it's more immediate as well. You know I know and the students know that they can just pull out their phone and get to whatever information they need in a matter of seconds.

      Edlyn de Oliveira: I think that being able to provide this instant connectivity has transformed teaching truly. The accessibility to that has just been it's really brought a lot of equity. I think for our students to be able to do remote learning.