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Student Engagement = Student Success

Also known as "same diff", this equation shows how student engagement in the beginning equals success in the end.

"It just goes to show that students can grow, succeed, and enjoy their learning if they're engaged and having fun."

— Todd Miller, Teacher,
Arlington Independent School District

Personalize Their Pace

Tortoise or hare? Snail or Bugatti? Well, since the ultimate goal is learning, shouldn't every student be able to engage at their own pace? That's why Canvas provides modules that help teachers to provide curriculum in a way that can adapt to individual students, rather than trying to cram square pegs into round (or tortoise-shaped) holes.

Personalize Their Curriculum

Competency-based education recognizes the importance of mastery and understanding, especially before rushing off to the next phase of learning. With MasteryPaths, teachers can easily adapt curriculum to each student, using areas of strength to shore up places of weakness.

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Provide Ongoing Feedback

Why make learning a one-way conversation when you can engage your students in an active learning experience with timely feedback via unique Canvas tools like SpeedGrader, MagicMarker, and discussions? Students will learn and grow even more in real-time, while their learning is still fresh on their minds, not long after their midterm cramming has disappeared.

Speak Their Language

Not to state the obvious but...students love selfies, videos, and speaking their mind (just ask any teacher). So we combined all three into one awesome learning tool: Canvas Studio. It's applied video technology that harnesses the power of what students already love to enhance their learning experience with real-time commenting, quizzing, sharing, and more. Video is no longer just passive observation but an interactive dialogue, learner-to-learner and teacher-to-learners.

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