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Let's Get Personal: Tailor Learning to Every Student

Personalized learning gives every kid the opportunity to learn as much and as deeply as possible. Canvas gives teachers the tools to differentiate instruction for every student in their class, in an effective and scalable way.

"Canvas has everything I look for in an LMS. It has empowered me to increase and improve my teaching by allowing me to engage students both inside and outside of class while also allowing me take my differentiation to a completely different level. They know from the second they take a quiz what they did well and what they need to work on."

— Kaitlyn Miller, Teacher,
Big Horn County School District #4 (Wyoming)

Take Personalized Learning to the Masses

Unlike Snuggies and judicial robes, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. But how can one teacher scale individualized instruction for so many students? With tech—ideally, simple, easy-to-use, teacher-loved tech like Canvas. Here's how Canvas helps your teachers easily personalize learning for every student.

Formative Assessment

First things first: Where are your students? Hopefully they're in class—but where are they in terms of comprehension and performance? Canvas Quizzes gives you the inside scoop through easy-to-build and quick-to-deploy formative assessments that can guide your targeted instruction.

Custom Learning Paths

Once you understand how your students are doing, you can place them on individual learning paths. With Canvas MasteryPaths, teachers can build custom learning paths that give each student the content they need, in the style they learn best, with multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery. Sit back and watch future Einsteins, Angelous, and O'Keefes take shape.

Targeted Feedback

Formative assessment and individualized pathways can have huge impacts on students' trajectories, but where's the interaction? Timely, relevant feedback is incredibly important. It's also important that providing this feedback doesn't overwhelm teachers' workloads. Canvas SpeedGrader makes it easy (read: realistic) for teachers to give students the feedback they need to continue learning and growing.

1:1 Initiatives, Meet the LMS

Maximize Your Software Investment

Education initiatives are strongly focused on getting devices into the hands of all students, empowering them to learn anywhere, anytime, and to help them design their learning, instead of just passively receiving it. But without a well-planned meeting of software, training, and curricular alignment, these fancy tech devices can become little more than expensive (and distracting) doodle pads.

Through single logins, mobile apps, simple integrations, and a clear, intuitive design, the Canvas LMS helps keep users focused on the tasks at hand: teaching and learning. It's a win-win-win for teachers, students, and parents.

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Record Outcomes On the Fly

The Magic-est Marker
(Please Don't Tell Your Students We Said "Magic-est")

Whether you already do standards-based grading or you plan to make that shift in the future, MagicMarker makes collecting and recording outcomes mastery so easy, you'll feel like some sort of all-powerful grading wizard. Simply organize your students into groups, select the outcome you want to measure, and record mastery by swiping up or down on the student's picture. As you swipe, MagicMarker records, calculates, tabulates, and reports all this information in the Learning Mastery Gradebook. The future is here, and it's pretty magical.