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Equitable Access to the Best Instruction

Every child deserves a great education. And every educator deserves a chance to provide it. Canvas makes it easy for districts to find their highest-performing classrooms, take what works, and scale it to other classrooms and schools.

“When I compared data from one year to the next, there was a 20% increase in state CRT scores. The only thing that changed was we started using Canvas.”

— Dennis VanAusdal, Physics Teacher,
Wasatch High School, Wasatch County School District, UT

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Key Factors for Impacting Achievement

A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

According to renowned education researcher Dr. Robert Marzano, a critical factor in impacting student achievement is a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Teachers often do much of the heavy lifting in curating the best content and resources to complement the adopted curriculum for their classes. Going a step further and successfully scaling that curriculum is a challenge. With Canvas Blueprint courses, you can easily collaborate on, curate, and deploy a guaranteed and viable curriculum across your district, and include content, assessments, engagement strategies, differentiation, and all the research-based goodies that a great curriculum should have.

Effective Instructional Strategies for K–12 Schools

Curriculum is a great start, but it's not enough on its own. You need strong instructional strategies to support the content. Canvas encourages and empowers teachers to implement strategies such as formative assessment and response to intervention (RTI)—strategies that are proven to have the biggest impact on student achievement. With tools like built-in assessment and MasteryPaths, teachers can easily differentiate instruction for each student, meet them where they are, and help them get where they need (and want) to be.

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Scale What Works Across Your District

Educators have a professional and social obligation to provide their students with equitable access to great teachers and excellent instruction, no matter where they sit in the district or the classroom. Canvas helps you find those caches of excellence and share them with every student.

Better Instruction = Better Results (x1000)

Canvas is the only learning platform to offer tools that directly support districts implementing systemic, equity-focused change. Canvas makes it easy to turn one classroom's successful strategy into district-wide results that benefit everyone: admins, teachers, and, most importantly, students.

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Research-Based Ways to Improve Student Achievement

By focusing on activities in Dr. John Hattie's "Zone of Desired Effects," educators can maximize student learning over a nine-month period. (And Canvas is perfectly equipped to help you do that.)

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