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A learning platform that's loved by everyone

Instructors love Canvas for how easy it is—to import, build, and manage courses, to grade, to communicate with their students, and to love.

Students love Canvas because of its highly customizable notification system, its integration with their favorite devices and social platforms, interactivity, and—yes—ease of use.

And admins love Canvas because it gives them control over things they couldn’t do before (at least not without significant difficulty).

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Learning Is Mobile.
Is Your LMS?

Don't be fooled by their simplicity—Canvas Modules are a powerhouse of course organization, resource management, student guidance, and personalized learning. Canvas Modules help teachers organize and sequence content, learning activities, and assessment and streamline the delivery of learning. Better organization means more time spent on actual teaching and learning.

Fast & Steady
Wins The Race

How fast is Canvas? Well, we’re hosted on the world’s most robust hosting platform (Amazon Web Services). It’s as fast as you can get, which means–of course–that so is Canvas.

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Secure, Reliable, & Other Anxiety-Reducing Things

No other LMS has done so much to ensure their (and your) security. We conduct regular internal audits and even contract independent security specialists to perform and publish a public security audit. Since the very beginning, Canvas has featured an industry-best 99.9% guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all customers.

and Flexible

Canvas provides an extensive, open API, making it easy for third-party apps to plug right into Canvas, pull from its data, and push data back in. We built a whole app center just to make it even easier for institutions and instructors to experiment and adapt new technologies into their courses. Browse through loads of LTI apps and install them in a single click. No IT support necessary.