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Canvas for Higher Education

Educators and students are always #1 to us. Maybe that’s why they made us the #1 LMS.

Educators have been switching on light bulbs over our heads since way before light bulbs were invented. The least we could do is deliver the best LMS the world has ever seen. Today we’re the #1 used LMS. Voted #1 by both students and educators. With the highest retention rate, and top-ranked implementation services and support. But enough about us. Canvas is 100% inspired by you.


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The keynote and breakout sessions from this awesome event are now available on demand at canvascon.com!

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The State of Student Success

Over 7,000 current students, admins, and faculty in 13 countries share insights on what defines student success, the impact of COVID-19, and how to engage students in today's evolving educational landscape.

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Taking Higher Education Even Higher

Canvas is working ever harder to make everyone’s lives easier. It’s the open, reliable, extensible learning ecosystem that enables the just-right digital learning environment for educators, students, and institutions. How extensible, you ask? We’re talking integrates-with-over-400-edtech-partners extensible. After all, the challenges aren’t getting any easier.

The Solution for Your Institution

With Canvas, your institution gets more flexible. Educators and students get more engaged. Student success gets more successful. And your institution gets unparalleled access to essential metrics for continuous improvement.

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Highly Schooled Educator Tools

Hold onto your syllabus, and prepare for unprecedented engagement. Enjoy the freedom to create, customize, and deliver courses your way—within the largest, most scalable ecosystem of tools and apps you’ve ever imagined.

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BFFs with Students, TBH

Students can take lessons wherever their learning (and life) paths lead them. Canvas makes it easier than ever for them to connect with both instructors and fellow students. Not to mention integrating with all their other BFF apps.

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And Canvas Software Is Just the Start