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You Keep Doing the Teaching and Learning Part.

We’ll Cover the “Making It Easier for Everyone” Part.

Canvas is the learning platform that makes teaching and learning (and implementation and adoption and customer support and student success and bragging to your non-Canvas-using peers) easier.


Save Time. Increase Achievement. Find Success.

(And while we’re at it: Develop knowledge. Empower all. Open possibility.)

At Instructure, we believe learning is the world’s most powerful force for change. It develops knowledge, increases awareness, and opens the doors of opportunity. We believe (and aim to prove) that anything is possible and everyone is powerful. That’s why the Canvas Learning Platform is rooted in the science of learning—to help every student and teacher save time, increase achievement, and find success, among other things.

Canvas: Where The Science of Learning Meets Innovative Technology, With A Human Touch.

Sounds sci-fi, but it's real. And awesome.

Best Technology

Name a tech buzzword. Innovation? Check. Disruption? Check. Actionable analytics? Check. Blockchain? Well, maybe not blockchain. But the rest of them have become buzzwords because, like it or not, they matter. And they matter because they make a difference for tech. Do you want a company that DOESN'T innovate? That sticks to status quo? That spits out useless data? Of course you don't. That's why at Instructure we make sure our tech transcends the buzzwords and makes real, bona fide difference for you and your institution.

Canvas Platform

Community Feedback

At Instructure, we believe in the maxim "one of us is not as smart as all of us." Which is why we have a thriving community of smart, inspiring, driven, passionate educators who—surprise, surprise—don't always agree with us and push us to think differently and do better. The strength of our community is the sum of so many amazing educators, all driven to improve teaching and elevate learning. So, pardon a little bragging, but we believe our community sets us apart from all other learning platforms.

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In-Depth Research

One thing you'll never hear from us: “The dog ate my homework.” We are committed to doing our homework, putting in the time and effort to better understand all sides of what we do—students, teachers, admins, IT, the tech itself, and more. We have an insatiable thirst to keep improving and, like you, we know one of the greatest forces for change is learning. So we keep learning like it's our job. (Because it is.)

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Career Educators

Rather than rattle off some flash-in-the-pan trend with the life cycle of a Chia Pet, we base what we do on (and for) the work of career educators, both in our company and out. We work with lifers. We hire lifers. And we're committed to make a difference for the people who are committed to make a difference in education.

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What Is Instructure (Besides a Little Tricky to Pronounce)?

Instructure is the maker of Canvas. Our mission is to help people grow from the first day of school to the last day of work. And when you choose Canvas, you get more than just a learning management platform. You get adopted into the Instructure family—it's a fun, innovative, and vibrant community backed by best-in-class customer support. (We also give out pretty cool swag.)

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