Open Minds Open Doors

Canvas Network is an open space for educators to share, experiment, analyze, and create.

Our Mission

To promote OPENNESS, INNOVATION, and EXPERIMENTATION in education by providing educators access to professional development courses and programs that will help them thrive and succeed in their careers.

To Canvas Network ‘open’ means:


  • Open entry and open access. Open entry for learners around the globe and continual access to course content after the course end date.
  • Open content. Open licensing options and content sharing to Canvas Commons where other instructors reuse, revise, remix, retain, and redistribute content.
  • Open platform and ecosystem. Open platform to integrate and innovate with third-party tools.
  • Open data. Open, de-identified Canvas Network data for researchers to analyze and synthesize.
  • Platform neutrality. Your course. Your goals. Your way. We provide the platform for open innovation and experimentation.
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Canvas Network provides all the ease and functionality of Canvas, the learning management system that makes teaching and learning easier for more than 18 million higher ed, K-12, and workforce users worldwide. Instructure built Canvas with open, adaptable, reliable, native cloud technologies that empower learning in every context.

What Others Are Saying

After successfully hosting our first MOOC with over 1,500 students, we are thrilled with our decision to use Canvas Network. We had a flawless experience working with our assigned Canvas Network Instructional Design staff as we built and facilitated our MOOC, and we are excited to begin work on our next course offering.

Dr. Jennifer Maddrell

founder and president at Designers for Learning

This course is making my job more fulfilling. It's providing me with tools to enrich my work environment.

Student from Caring Science

Mindful Practice offered by East Carolina University

This course has been outstanding for my career. The knowledge that I gained is useful and I will apply it every time I have the opportunity.

Student from Reading for Understanding,

offered by WestEd

Thank you to our wonderful instructors who have so thoughtfully constructed this course. I was pleasantly surprised at how rich the resources were and how engaging the topics have been. Kudos!

Student from 30 Days of TED

offered by Canyons School District

I have worked in online learning for over 20 years in instructional design and as a professor. This is one of the best developed courses that I have seen and taken. Canvas is also fabulous–wish all institutions used it!

Student from Accessibility: Designing and Teaching Courses for All Learners

offered by SUNY Empire State College

Designers for Learning is a nonprofit with a service-learning mission. Students in our courses gain instructional design experience while developing open educational resources for important social causes. When we decided to take our instructional design course to scale as a MOOC, Canvas Network quickly became our top choice.

Dr. Jennifer Maddrell

founder and president at Designers for Learning