Instructure’s History of Openness

From the beginning, Canvas LMS was designed to deliver an open, extensible learning ecosystem that allows schools to build the digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges they face. Emphasis on OPEN.

Always Open

Canvas is a total open platform - open in everything from an OPEN API that allows for custom integrations, to OPEN DATA that allows schools to view, analyze and draw insights from usage and performance metrics, to OPEN CONTENT through Canvas Commons. We don’t just say we’re open… we are.

ims global standards first pledge badge

Standards First

That foundation of openness, simplicity and equality makes being part of a community that centers itself around low-cost plug and play integrations via open standards a no-brainer. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in enabling educational institutions to design and implement an agile, scalable, data-rich edtech ecosystem that supports institutional goals in supporting faculty and students alongside IMS Global and their Standards First Pledge.


IMS Certifications

We get it. Security and data protection are amongst the biggest concerns facing colleges and universities, especially when it comes to student users. The IMS TrustEd Apps Seal certifies that Instructure has been vetted by and satisfactorily completes the TrustEd Apps vetting process and rubric in regards to its use of student data, specifically: data collection, security, third-party data sharing, and advertising.

Executive Involvement

We are proud to be represented by our Chief Customer Experience Officer, Melissa Loble, on the IMS Global Learning Consortium Board of Directors. Melissa has spent 20 years in the educational technology world, working for a number of technology suppliers and educational institutions as well as teaching leadership courses on managing technology for educational change. Melissa is a vital member of the larger educational space and her experience in the classroom and in technology are major assets to the IMS Global and Instructure partnership.

EduApps for Everyone

We proudly host the EduAppCenter that is an open forum for listing IMS compliant and IMS certified edu apps as a benefit to the greater edtech community. It seamlessly integrates with Canvas and provides detailed insights on tools that can easily be utilized to enhance learning at your institution.

Our Partner Community

We’ve worked to build a robust partner community where we work together with trusted education partners to deliver all things awesome. Long story short — our partners build awesome tools. We have an awesome platform. Together we can make integrations easier, intuitively teach with tech, and empower educators.