The Future of Learning

Our rapidly evolving labour market and its changing needs mean that the education sector has needed to adapt. Institutions and employers are seeking ways to close the skills gap, not only for those entering the workforce but for those already in it too. A move towards Education 3.0 could provide the answer...

What is Education 3.0


What is Education 3.0?

Education 3.0 is a move towards learner-centered, competency-based education, putting the learner in charge of their own learning journey. Education 3.0 sees learning as a lifelong pursuit which allows learners to upskill and reskill to meet their needs throughout their lives. It means learners can:

Consume knowledge across platforms

Develop skills relevant to them

Buid a shareable portfolio of skills


How has education evolved?

Historically, academic paths have been viewed as more prestigious than vocational paths, but attitudes are shifting. An emphasis on skills-based education is spreading as people look to upskill and reskill.

Education 1.0

Higher education is restricted to students who can afford to pay large sums to learn from instructors in a classroom-based environment.

Education 2.0

With the rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), there is an increase in platforms delivering asynchronous instruction online to large numbers of learners.

Education 3.0

Learners are consuming knowledge across a variety of platforms and institutions, resulting in an education that is tailor-made for the skills they are trying to learn.

The journey of education through time

This infographic offers a more detailed look at how student expectations have evolved, why the shift is happening and how micro-credentials and digital badges can support new expectations.



A national approach to micro-credentials

As part of its mission to drive innovation in the Dutch higher education system, SURFnet spearheaded an open badges pilot with Canvas Credentials that allowed 16 institutions to create and issue digital badges. Find out how SURFnet gained widespread adoption of its digital credentialing programme on a national level.

Education 3.0 E-Book

Moving Towards Education 3.0

Education is evolving to better support the needs of learners and employers, and micro-credentials play a key part in the journey. Download this e-book for everything you need to know about micro-credentials and their part in the future of learning.

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