For Students & Parents

Students and parents. On the same page, with Canvas

Think of Canvas LMS as your student's digital classroom. It's a simple, supportive system where schools provide lessons and communication to students and parents to keep the learning going strong—both in the classroom and online.

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All you need to know. In one place—your digital classroom.

Students and parents want to know what kids need to do, when it’s due, and how they can get help when they need it. Canvas keeps it all in one place. With one login. Plus Canvas offers apps students and parents can use from their mobile devices.

Clarity and Consistency

Be prepared for whatever’s next.

Whether it’s today’s assessment, next week’s assignment, or an unexpected online video class, Canvas is the open, easy-to-use system that supports every aspect of learning—and student success.

Homepages for every course

Easy ways to communicate with teachers

Clear expectations for all

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two students collaborating

It just goes to show that students can grow, succeed, and enjoy their learning if they're engaged and having fun.

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The tool that supports your student's learning journey.

Learn Canvas once—and count on it every step of the way. When adopted at the regional level, Canvas provides a consistent academic experience from reception through high school and beyond. And it offers a simple way to connect with other digital tools (without a bazillion passwords). That means students can focus on learning the material in front of them instead of learning the technology all over again.

One sign-on accesses other digital tools

Unique features just for little learners

Builds confidence as your child progresses in education

Ready for Canvas? Canvas is ready for you.