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      We’re All In This Together – Even If We Have to Be Apart

      Interacting with the Canvas Community has always been one of the favorite parts of my job. As I meet with administrators, teachers, and students all over the world, I love the energy they bring. I love how they excel and continually strive to make the education community better. You inspire me!

      The past few months have been a testament to the goodness of educators. You have accomplished the impossible – continuing to connect and educate in the face of a pervasive pandemic. Admins, teachers, students, and parents, we salute you!

      Like you, our team has also been in a state of learning and progressing over the past months. It has been inspiring to watch groups come together to make the most of this difficult time. This post is simply to highlight some of the impressive things the collective education community has accomplished.

      Below you will find an infographic that showcases many of the great things you have accomplished and should be deeply proud of.


      My Favorite Takeaways From The Data

      • Teachers, you have kept educating despite the unknowns you are facing.
      • Students, you have jumped onboard and are finding interesting, effective ways to continue your education remotely.
      • Educators, you are working with the entire Canvas Community to uncover relevant ways to keep the learning process moving forward.

      I would be remiss in saying that things have been calm and without flaws on our side. While we still achieved 99.9% uptime of Canvas LMS, we did have a few instances where lag time/outages took place. We always strive for the best, and are not happy with those situations, but we did respond quickly and communicated clearly to make sure our customers were aware of the issues.

      Transparency continues to remain paramount to us. We have learned important lessons through this pandemic and are even better prepared now to support our customers, through both our product and our support, in the future. I’ve been impressed to see that a global pandemic hasn’t seemed to slow the learning process down too much. At Canvas we have seen a significant increase in the amount of remote learning taking place. You have continued to learn and grow, and for that, you are all inspiring.

      We’re not at the end of this...not by a long shot, unfortunately. Let’s keep working together as a community.

      Thanks for your support and for sticking with us.

      Keep learning and stay safe,