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Here Come the Tech Trailblazers

As more teachers, students and parents report that technology like Canvas is making teaching and learning easier, it’s encouraging to see that the “tech phobia” we’ve heard so much about is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Our newest piece of global research tells us that while all levels of education are benefiting from ICT, it’s the further education institutions that are leading the way in technology adoption. Eighty-three percent of teachers in colleges and sixth forms use tech in the classroom—up to 5 percent more than those in secondary and primary schools.

Here’s what several FE institutions had to say about why they chose Canvas and how it’s providing the tools they need to transform teaching and learning.

  • “We chose Canvas after browsing and reviewing four other virtual learning platforms but nothing came close to what Canvas could do. With a dedicated app we can be sure that our learners will always have access to their learning platform regardless of where they are and when they want to visit the site and access learning materials. Canvas integrates a number of independent services such as ClickView and Dropbox and integrates them directly within the platform, making it incredibly useful for both our staff and our learners.” —Fiona Hanson, Burton and South Derbyshire College

  • “We were impressed with the way Canvas had been designed. It's been built to meet the needs of teachers and students, incorporating many features which give teachers choices to make learning more interesting for their students. The interface is clear and intuitive to use and the responsive design means that it can be viewed on the variety of mobile devices that our students use. As a cloud-based solution, the advantages are that it is managed for us, and is continually being developed and improved, without the need for software upgrades or plug-ins.” —Sandy Hunter, Myerscough College

  • “We chose Canvas for our virtual learning environment as we wanted a high quality, reliable and easy-to-use platform for both our online tutors and also our distance learners on our online CPD programmes for teachers. As a small company, being able to purchase the whole VLE package via user licences represented excellent value for money and it also meant we were able to join a global community of users committed to developing high quality elearning.” —Christina Conroy, Coralesce

It’s brilliant to know that our customers love Canvas. And it’s no surprise that FE institutions, which prepare students to work in a technology-centric economy, are ahead of the game in integrating the most modern tech services and products.


Keep learning,
Kenny Nicholl
Director of Sales, EMEA