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Case Study: Highbury College

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It is so easy to create engaging content. It is really hard to use Canvas badly. It is going really well. I would hate to go back; I wouldn't go back." Anna Selway Head of Digital Central at Highbury College " instructure.com/canvas/en-gb The Results "Change is never simple" continues Anna "Canvas itself is easy to implement, but getting an institution to fundamentally change the way it works is less straightforward. We used this as an opportunity to streamline course materials - not just migrate them over to the new system - and of course, that was a challenge. But the great support we received from the Canvas team helped enormously. We worked in partnership to achieve our goals and it's really been worth it. A focused and goal-oriented approach meant that teachers could do something meaningful with Canvas from day one - and this was absolutely vital in ensuring adoption." With a firm focus on employability, Highbury now relies on Canvas to help students build the skills needed to contribute successfully to the workplace. "In a technology powered economy, it's vital that our young people have the ability to use technology." Anna continues. "We talk a lot about digital skills - coding, or programming - and of course, we cover these, but the key for Highbury was to harness the collaborative function of Canvas to ensure students have the maturity and confidence to communicate successfully in a digital environment. Working in Canvas helps students and teachers to be responsible, collaborative and investigative, which are vital skills for the classroom and workplace." Key Findings Canvas is intuitive and user-friendly. Canvas achieves high adoption and high levels of success. Canvas helped create confident, engaged learners that enjoy lifelong learning. 01 02 03 Stella Mbubaegbu CBE, and Principal of Highbury College has been equally impressed by Canvas. "We are a small city where a number of students come from challenging backgrounds," she says. "we have the vision to become a world-class enterprise, and the technology at the heart of our offering really helps young people go on to achieve their potential." Anna says that the response from staff and students alike has been 'phenomenal'. Highbury reports a 300 percent increase in users since inception, and the college's use of the tool continues to grow. Most recently, Highbury built a short course for international students using Canvas, making it available more widely, and opening up educational resources to an online community.

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