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Canvas Catalog It's a simple, modern, and eective way to promote your course oerings in a custom-branded storefront for your institution. Canvas Catalog can generate broad community awareness of your paid, free, and non-degree programs, as well as professional-development courses. It's easy for students, administrators and teachers to use, and it works with most payment systems. Canvas Studio This next-generation video learning platform turns one-way, passive video into inclusive, engaging, and productive virtual classroom discussions. Canvas Studio provides a robust set of tools for creating and delivering novel interactive digital learning experiences. It enables content creation, in-video discussions, embedded quizzes, and more. The end result is a media platform that drives interaction and participation—not just indierent consumption. We invite you to learn more about Canvas or request a demo. Canvas LMS This fully SaaS learning environment streamlines interaction and builds strong relationships between teachers and students, whether in the physical, blended, or fully online classroom. Many of the world's leading educators use Canvas as it seamlessly and securely integrates with their student information systems (SIS) and campus technology ecosystems. Districts and systems use Canvas to provide access to guaranteed, high-quality learning materials across all subjects, ensuring learners equitable access within every class. Canvas explains what needs to be done and how to do it. And learners can access the learning materials through their personalized Canvas dashboard. Impact by Instructure Impact by Instructure (formerly Eesysoft) helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms. Institutions put a lot of eort into training, communication, instructional design, and support, but are often challenged to quantitatively understand their eect on technology usage. Insightful dashboards and dynamic reporting provide a bird's eye view of how well students and faculty are engaging with available edtech tools. When you pair Impact with your existing and future education technology suite, the return on your tech investment will be on brilliant display.

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