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Report: Welcome to the Future of Learning

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The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically effected education institutions around the globe, and as universities, business schools and colleges across EMEA prepare to welcome their students back to the new academic year, they do so to a changed landscape of social distancing measures, a fall in international student arrivals and an increase in demand for digital skills. Blended learning will be essential in order to meet these requirements for 2020 and beyond, and so institutions are investing in Learning Management Systems to effectively, and safely deliver courses to their students and meet the demand for virtual learning. The Canvas Learning Management Platform delivers the most modern digital learning experience available, designed to help teachers innovate and empower student success, whilst maintaining the connection of the classroom. We've mapped the tools and features to key benefits and supporting documentation around 3 core themes to support an effective digital transformation and achieve pedagogical goals: 1 Increasing Student Engagement 2 Student transition from supplemented to blended learning 3 Leveraging Canvas Data to provide actionable insights into student performance and interaction I N T R O D U C T I O N 2

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