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MOSHE & MCF: References & Case Studies

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Appendix 1 - References and case studies UNIT Contacts Mr. Vegard Moen, Head of Division Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education & Research [email protected] Case studies Instructure takes a personalised and tailored approach in understanding markets, and this approach has made us the supplier of choice for both state-wide and nation-wide initiatives. Our success in transitioning whole nations to Canvas is exemplified by our UNIT, and NORDUNET (DEIC and SUNET) agreements, where we deliver learning management to most universities across Norway and Sweden. We have also signed university consortiums across US states, as highlighted in our Unizin reference. UNIT UNIT uses Canvas to develop and operate the Norwegian research network, which connects more than 150 Norwegian education and research institutions and over 300,000 users, linking them to international research networks. Olav Isak Sjøflot of Norway's UNIT, a government-owned organisation responsible for Norway's National Research and Education Network, emphasised Canvas's ability to help UNIT achieve broader goals: "Our partnership with Instructure allows us to offer a flexible, adaptable and intuitive cloud-based platform to power a digital learning environment. This framework approach to procurement supports our ambition to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between universities, where they can discuss and develop common best practices for a digital learning environment. Working together with organisations like Instructure and institutions in the region, we have the ability to push technology-supported learning and teaching further by promoting common concerns and priorities." Some of the reasons Canvas was chosen as preferred supplier by UNIT include: ● Scoring the best overall on the technical and functional solution criterion, best meeting the participating institutions' needs ● Viewed as the best technical solution among bidders, due to a well-established native cloud solution providing modern, relevant, and up to date technology through continuous updates without system downtime ● Regarded as having the best functionality and capabilities for communication and collaboration between teachers, students and staff. ● Flexible and adaptable, both at the user level and at different organisational levels. ● Promotes sharing of resources between students and teachers, and has a Learning Object Repository. ● Ease of access to third party integrations, best capability for integrating the solution with third party systems. ● Broad selection and range of pedagogical methods and learning activities, and offers pedagogical flexibility. ● Plan for implementation fits the needs of institutions, and references have given good reviews on the ease of implementing. Canvas Learning Management System 2 of 5

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