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Here are four key trends that are significantly shaping how institutional leaders build their short- and long-term roadmaps for success – and why they matter. 1. Explosion of online and remote learning options Despite overall enrollment declines in higher education, there's one area that's growing: online and remote learning. Even before the recent push to remote learning, between 2012 and 2016, nearly a third of students took at least one distance education course, and in 2016, 14.9% of students took distance courses exclusively.² With the need for online learning growing, institutions are increasingly responding to the call. The preference for digital learning technology is clear: Students that use digital learning technology, find it helps them organize their schedule, do their homework, and get better grades.³ As online-only enrollment and partial online enrollment continue to increase,⁴ institutions must ensure their edtech tools can scale and grow along with their needs. 4 Recent Trends Shaping Higher Education WHY THIS MATTERS The ability to attract and engage students depends on scalable teaching and learning options that students can access anytime, anywhere, in and out of the classroom. To meet student demand, as ASU Shaping EDU states, "the lines between face-to-face, online and hybrid learning must blur."⁵ This blending analog and digital experiences should be common, just as supporting a personal learning journey over a student's lifetime.⁶ "FACED WITH INTENSE COMPETITION FOR STUDENTS FROM RIVAL INSTITUTIONS AND THE GROWING IMPORTANCE OF BLENDED LEARNING MODELS, IT WAS IMPERATIVE FOR THE UNIVERSITY TO FIND A WAY TO INNOVATE, DIFFERENTIATE ITSELF, AND STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE." Anna Selway - Head of Digital Central, Highbury College

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