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Case Study: University of Hull

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UNIVERSITY OF HULL The Foundation for Student-Centred Learning University of Hull Case Study Hull, UK 19,000 Users Commenced 2014 The Challenge With a combined academic, administrative and student population of more than 19,000, the University of Hull is committed to a pedagogy-led approach to technology procurement. "Tech is bought to deliver a flexible, modern learning environment," explained Hull's Head of Technology Enhanced Learning, Chris Turnock. "But it must also help us stay true to a vision of a student- centred approach to studies." According to Turnock, Hull was "ahead of the curve" when they implemented a virtual learning environment in 2010. "Since that time, we've seen the industry develop significantly, incorporating features like cloud sharing, integrated media and remote learning—which we felt could add value for our students and teachers alike." Hull re-evaluated their VLE in 2014, starting a procurement process for a system that would deliver a more flexible learning experience, while also helping the university as it worked towards a high rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). "Even in 2014, the need for universities to prepare for TEF was pressing. All institutions realised that a low rating would likely have an impact on application levels. We knew we would need to have systems in place to ensure student retention and engagement. Our VLE would be a significant factor in helping us achieve a good rating." As the university began to envision the possibilities of a new VLE, Turnock explained that adoption was key. He said the new system would need to be "intuitive, flexible and useful for both staff and students, ultimately improving student satisfaction and maximising learning potential." instructure.com/canvas/en-gb Key Findings Canvas was fully implemented for the start of term in September 2016, and the team immediately saw their objectives being met. During the decision making process Canvas showed that change wasn't just beneficial - it was crucial. The team at University of Hull immediately saw their objectives being met with staff and students quickly embracing Canvas. 01 02 03

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