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Case Study: Fontys

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The Results Canvas has helped Fontys ICT redefine its teachers' roles. Real time data, which provides actionable insights into student performance, has given teachers the power to act as guides for their students, helping direct them through their studies. This provides a balance between openness and control, harnessing the power of good teaching and applying it to the need for student empowerment and freedom. Canvas has helped Fontys ICT deliver on its promise to ground learning in the real world, powering collaboration between students, teachers and the outside world. This is crucial, says Fontys ICT, to delivering education which helps students prepare for their lives after studies - in employment and beyond. I love working with students, and giving them the chance to get a head start in the world is great. These are students who are going to change things, and we need to deliver education which helps every one of them succeed on their own terms. Doing this is a massive plus for society, and Canvas is helping us meet these goals." Eric Slaats Course Director at Fontys ICT " instructure.com/canvas/en-gb Key Findings Canvas helps empower students to develop independent learning skills. Canvas helps Fontys ICT prioritise applied knowledge to deliver real-world learning. 01 02

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