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      Livestream: Delivering Services through a Pandemic

      The University of Alabama at Birmingham eLearning, in collaboration with many units across campus, has been able to weather the storm of teaching remotely caused by COVID-19. While the institution saw a 200%+ increase is usage of many of their technologies, the organization only saw a small increase in Canvas cases and internal support. Along with UAB's increase in technologies, the saw a significant increase in workshop attendance and website usage. UAB believes this is because of the great infrastructure that was built prior to COVID in addition to the quick response to provide useful resources and training to faculty and staff. UAB, like many institutions, built a webpage that was designed to inform users of the technologies and methods of communicating, providing content, teaching, and assessing students using Canvas, Zoom, Kaltura and many other available technologies. UAB chose to provide virtual workshops daily so that instructors had ample training opportunities available. These sessions were recorded, edited, and captioned by their team and then placed on the website in multiple locations. In addition to these workshops, the UAB team provided one-on-one consultations for those that needed assistance after attending/watching the workshops. UAB structured their websites so that users have 3 levels of support/assistance available to them. See how they did it!