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Maastricht University Replaces its Learning Management System with Canvas to Enhance Problem-Based Learning

Maastricht University, one of the best young universities in the world, has replaced its learning management system (LMS) with Instructure’s learning management platform, Canvas to equip students and teachers with capabilities that help strengthen problem-based learning (PBL). 

The institution is renowned for its international orientation with more than half of its student population of 17.000 being international students, the highest amount in the Netherlands. It has embraced the concept of ‘international classroom’ to bring together students from different cultural backgrounds in small groups to solve problems. A next-generation, institution-wide learning management technology platform that supports its student-centred approach will contribute to Maastricht University’s efforts to retain its global reputation and ranking. 

“Canvas LMS has proven to provide high usability for students, lecturers and staff and we expect it to enhance the collaborative and problem-based learning experience that helps our students become independent, lifelong learners, prepared for the world of work,” commented Ingrid Wijk, director of the University Library, Maastricht University.

To support its PBL approach, Maastricht University required a learning management system that fully supported blended learning, and had audio, video, peer reviewing, and mobile solutions in place to meet modern teaching and student requirements. 

“After a rigorous procurement process including a thorough proof of concept, I am delighted that Maastricht University has selected Instructure as its strategic partner to deliver the best learning and teaching experience for its students and educators through Canvas,” commented Kenny Nicholl, general manager, EMEA Instructure.

Teaching staff and students at the university praised Canvas for its user friendliness, adaptability, and reliability. “We expect improved system usability and adoption will help deliver a more consistent education experience, ultimately increasing teaching and learning outcomes,” concluded Wijk.

Maastricht University’s decision to re-evaluate its LMS represents a wider trend across higher education institutions which are finding that first-generation, legacy platforms struggle to support the modern pedagogy required by universities. As students and lecturers demand a more flexible and collaborative learning experience, many institutions are turning towards modern, cloud-based learning management platforms like Canvas to enable better teaching and learning. 

“I welcome Maastricht University to our rapidly growing Higher Education customer community in the Benelux region, and look forward to delivering on our shared vision of helping people learn and grow from the first day of school to the last day of work,” concluded Nicholl.