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      Thank You, Teachers


      To all the teachers out there:

      Thank you for keeping the learning going, even when it seemed impossible.

      Thank you for being a champion to students and parents everywhere by bringing consistency and structure to the school day—regardless of how it's changed.

      Thank you for tackling every challenge that comes your way with grace, whether it's adapting your instruction, learning to use a new tool, or supporting students who have fallen behind.

      Thank you for taking on extra work each day to contribute to the health and wellbeing of your students.

      For all of these reasons, and so many more, THANK YOU.



      Exemplifying awesomeness.

      In her CanvasCon Online keynote, “Some Good Yous, Our Chief Customer Experience Officer, Melissa Loble, shared some of her favorite examples of your dedication to creating valuable online learning experiences. 

      First, you've demonstrated humanity. 

      Your students are getting a chance to know you, because you’ve found ways to bring your personality and real-world experiences to online learning. You’ve provided a sense of normalcy to the weirdest of times, and you’ve done everything you can to stay connected.

      Paul Miller’s “Welcome Song” is a great example of this.

      Second, you’ve placed consistency and structure above perfection. 

      We’ve all needed a back-up plan or two this year, and you’ve taught us to be patient with ourselves and show up for what matters most. It’s been humbling to see just how supportive the educators in our Canvas Community have been to one another.

      Lauren Burlison, “The Canvas Queen,” created helpful video tutorials and resources to support new Canvas users (and reminded teachers that they don’t need to be perfect).

      Anyone feeling this way? If so, check out my YouTube channel - Canvas Queen! I’m doing my best to help educators learn how great Canvas is with my tutorial videos!

      Also, I’ll be discussing Accessibility with Canvas this Friday live on Canvas LMS’s YouTube Channel. I know there is a learning curve, but YOU can do it! Stay positive. We need to stay positive for our students, they need us now more than ever. Even though we educators have been given a difficult last minute task - to learn a completely new system - staying positive and giving yourself grace is the key to success. This year does not have to be perfect! Okay I’ll get off my soap box now ✌️


      Third, you've taken your students on the learning journey with you.

      You're willing to quickly adapt instruction to meet individual student needs and help them understand how every learning activity is connected to a bigger goal. You’ve empowered students to take more ownership of their learning so they can build a solid foundation for all of the learning to come. 

      Ms. Assayed, a teacher at Fountain Valley High School, led by example when she nominated student Tara Lam (later named a winner) for our 2020 student scholarship award to celebrate the work Tara did to virtualize the student club experience at her school. Check it out below.


      For these reasons and so many more, we are so grateful for the work you do, and we’re honored to be a small part of your world. You sure make ours go ‘round. 

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