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      Leadership & Learning: Rethink K-12 Education


      It’s safe to say if you’re an edu leader, you’ve learned a lot over the last few months. With the unexpected shift to remote learning, many of us, myself included, were forced out of our comfort zones and into a virtual education ecosystem. With this change, my faculty and myself had to find new ways to keep students engaged, parents informed, and ultimately, ensure the learning continues. 

      I’ve thought a lot about how education has changed recently, and more importantly, how it has influenced my role as a leader. The biggest mindset shift I have had is to view my role as an advocate—an advocate for teachers, students, and parents. As I prepare for next year, this mindset will influence many of my decisions to ensure I am setting my school up for success.

      With many unknowns still on the horizon for next year, there are a few truths we have to accept as leaders:

      • We can’t expect anyone to perform at a high level unless we are preparing them to do so, and that goes for both leaders and learners.
      • We can’t use the transition to remote learning as an excuse for not providing a quality learning experience.

      Keeping these considerations at the center of my planning, I have used this transition as an opportunity to do what I can to improve education at my institution: invest in my educators. After years of consulting other school and district leaders, I know that if I expect to see a positive change in my institution I have to be willing to do this work with my teachers, not expect them to “figure it out”. 

      With recent CARES Act funding, and other budgetary options, we as leaders have a responsibility to find and implement quality professional development to develop and retain great educators who are committed to keeping the learning going.

      If you are ready to reflect on the recent transition to remote learning and identify ways your institution can engage at higher levels with teachers, parents, and students, attend my upcoming virtual professional development session: Rethink K-12 Education”

      As part of a four-part series, my session will allow you to work collaboratively with other leaders around the world to ensure learning is accessible and equitable as we plan to return to school this fall. I am excited to harness the collective efficacy of our cohort to plan for a better future, one where every student and teacher can succeed.

      For more information, and to register for the session, visit the link below.