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      Dive Deep & Elevate Learning With These CanvasCon Online Keynotes


      You're probably pretty stoked to hear from LeVar Burton and Sal Khan at CanvasCon Online. But the inspiration and insights won't stop there. Our in-house speakers are guaranteed to keep the learning momentum going strong with their short but powerful keynotes. And at least one of them has big news...

      Steve Daly, CEO

      Instructure’s new CEO, Steve Daly, is a pretty cool guy (and a great listener—he's been doing a TON of it with Canvas customers around the globe since he took the wheel). We're super excited to have him leading the charge! He'll kick things off with a brief intro.

      Trenton Goble, VP of K–12 Learning

      Trenton's been a teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, and the cofounder of MasteryConnect, Instructure's innovative assessment platform, so he knows education inside and out. He'll explore the challenges facing K–12 today, and discuss the real difference Canvas is making in helping educators provide personalized learning for every student.

      Jared Stein, VP of Higher Education Strategy

      Jared wrote the book on effective blended learning. He works closely with higher ed leaders to develop strategies that will help institutions adapt and thrive in a constantly shifting educational landscape. He'll discuss higher ed's current challenges and how Canvas is working with its customers, partners, and community to shape the future of education.

      The Canvas Product Team

      Mitch Benson, Chief Product Officer

      Katrina Hess, Product Manager

      Sidharth Oberoi, Director of Global Product

      Mitch, Katrina, and Sidh will give you an exclusive look at new Canvas features and functionality streamlining teaching and learning in your classroom. They'll also walk you through the Canvas Product Roadmap and discuss the importance of user-focused design and customer involvement in product development. And remember that big announcement we hinted at? …

      Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer

      Canvas wouldn't be the educational powerhouse it is without the Canvas Community, one of the largest and most active communities in education. With over a million members, it's a source of nonstop collaboration, support, answers, ideas, and innovation. Melissa will celebrate their collective accomplishments, and she’ll be joined by Canvas users who will share their personal perspectives on using Canvas to impact their teaching and learning. Good times guaranteed.

      Tracy Weeks, Executive Director of K–12 Statewide Partnerships

      Tracy's been in education for 24 years (20 of those in edtech) and has held leadership positions at the national, state, district, and school level. She'll head a leadership panel discussing how departments of education can support statewide equitable learning while respecting local agencies' autonomy.

      Daisy Bennett, Privacy Officer

      Daisy's role at Instructure is to bridge the gap between customer needs, business needs, and compliance. She believes that when it comes to data use transparency is key, so she'll walk you through our commitment to enabling insights through ethical data use and strong privacy and security practices.

      Sam Blyth, Senior Director of Sales in EMEA

      Sam has been working in edtech for 16 years, at every education level. She's passionate about ensuring that edtech serves everyone, regardless of institution, role, or region, and she'll share how a global approach benefits all colleges and universities.

      Registration closes October 9th! Visit to see the full agenda and register for the event if you haven't yet!