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      Canvas Basics Courses for Students Now Available in Commons.

      The increase in use of technology in K–12 education has presented a learning curve for both teachers and students, forcing them to use new tools and platforms to facilitate and engage in the learning process. While teachers have been busy adopting new instructional practices, learning how to use new technology tools, and maintaining student engagement, teaching students how to use these tools has become a disruptive prerequisite to instruction.

      As this became a growing concern for many K–12 teachers, two dynamic Canvas users, Carrie Gardner and Lindsey Hallett, recognized the need in their own district as well as their Canvas Facebook group, “Canvas for Elementary Teachers,” and decided to take matters into their own hands.

      To address this need, the pair created two Canvas courses—one for iPads and one for Google Chromebooks—that are now available in Canvas Commons for teachers everywhere!  

      “There’s no worse feeling than having to teach someone how to do something when you’re not 100% confident. We want to give you the tools as the teacher to be able to teach your students how to use all of the features in Canvas.”
      -Lindsey Hallett, K-12 District Coordinator of Blended Learning at Blue Valley School District

      The courses guide students and teachers through Canvas LMS from a student perspective to answer the following fundamental questions:

      • How do I teach my students how to navigate Canvas LMS?
      • How do I teach my students how to complete and submit Assignments?
      • How should students interact with a Discussion?
      • How do students complete and submit Quizzes?

      To learn more and see a live preview of the courses, we invite you to watch our recent livestream discussion in which Melissa Loble, our Chief Customer Experience Officer, connects with Carrie and Lindsey about how these courses can be easily shared between teacher teams via Canvas Commons and help both teachers and students understand the Canvas basics.

      We are so grateful for our Canvas Community and the way they use Commons as a central hub for resource sharing and teacher collaboration. We invite you to access the Canvas Basics course specific to the devices used in your school or district by choosing from the links below.

      iPad Course  

      Google Chromebook Course

      For more insights, tips, and resources join Carrie and Lindsey’s Facebook group, “Canvas for Elementary Teachers” to connect with educators from around the world who are making an impact with Canvas.