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Working Together to Drive Innovation in Education

Last month’s CanvasCon Europe event in London saw trailblazing teachers join with tech experts and policymakers to explore ways to improve teaching and learning with technology. Presenters looked at how educators are transforming their classrooms by using Canvas and other integrated tools to design innovative curricula, personalise learning for each student and reduce bureaucratic stress.

We always love to hear from Canvas customers, but overwhelmingly, events like this demonstrate a need for greater collaboration in the industry. Because, when people come together, ideas are better, things change more quickly and we get more done.

We know that collaboration isn’t always greeted with open arms. Educators who have had success working in isolation may view this process as an invasion of their pedagogy. And in a time-poor industry where opportunities to interact with other schools are rare, making collaboration happen is difficult. But, we believe that the key to strong collaboration is recognising that a student shouldn’t be the responsibility of only one teacher but of all teachers—and not just all teachers in one school, but ultimately, all teachers in all schools. The industry as a whole has a responsibility to make teaching and learning better.

Challenging the status quo

Over the next several months, Canvas will talk more about challenging collaboration inertia and bringing people together to do things differently. Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • The need for a more cohesive digital strategy from Government
  • The communications gap between policymakers and educators
  • Reasons why the public sector isn’t engaging with everyone it needs to.

We’ll also explore routes to better collaboration, including how industry, academia and all policymakers can come together to share ideas and carve a path to digital success. Keep tuned for more so we can all work together to drive innovation and get things done.

Keep learning,

Rachel Matthews
International Communications Director, Instructure