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      Tilburg University Case Study

      Discover how Tilburg University embraced blended learning to meet the needs of all students, whether they were on campus or not.

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      A fast-growing trend in the Netherlands today is the concept of blended learning; the ability to deliver courses and exceptional learning experiences both online, and in person. The University of Tilburg has been keen to embrace this trend, but as one of the smallest universities in the south of Holland, the team were finding it difficult to build this hybrid environment in the digital-first, post-pandemic education landscape, especially with their incumbent LMS.

      Read this case study to discover how Tilburg migrated to Canvas, and as a result were able to:

      • create personalised experiences for all learners whether they are on campus or not.
      • allow individual faculties to embrace blended learning in their own preferred ways, using methods that align best with the needs of their students.
      • move forward with plans to launch more video content, something they say wouldn’t be possible without Canvas.