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The video will demonstrate Impact by Instructure, a tool within the Instructure Learning Platform, designed to assist educators and learners in adopting new technologies and provide insights into user engagement with Canvas and integrated learning tools.

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Video Transcript
The Instructure learning platform is underpinned by the Canvas Learning Management System, and is designed to deliver teaching, learning, and student success through an open, extensible digital learning hub. Today, we'll be demonstrating impact by Instructure which helps institutions evaluate and improve technology adoption. Impact facilitates easier adoption of new canvas features, by providing contextual in app support. It also allows administrators to create customized in app messaging and walk throughs. In this example, a learner wishes to export their calendar into Google Calendar. Clicking the support icon opens the impact support center, displaying a wide range of default help resources.

Impact has detected a learner is accessing the calendar interface so the support options are tailored to this user. Now the learner has found the information in just a few clicks. Learners can also use the search bar in the top right to enter search terms. And if they need further assistance There are other support options which we'll go through in a moment. Impact will shape its support depending on the type of user and their activity within the app.

Let's take an educator's perspective. They are trying to create a custom experience for a learner. By hovering over the mastery paths link, impact displays a pop up message, explaining what the tool does, and how it will help them. The educator can also give feedback to the administrators, stating if this was helpful or not. Impact can also provide detailed walk throughs for educators using more complex canvas features.

In this example, an educator is using SpeedGrader for the first time. Opening SpeedGrader has started a walk through. If the educator clicks away or reloads the page, impact will remember where they were in the walkthrough so they can easily pick up where they left off. Once the walkthrough is complete, users can again provide feedback on its effectiveness. Impact allows administrators to create and modify the educator and learner experiences we just saw.

In this example, an admin will add a new pop up message by clicking the add new icon. This shows the page elements which can be made interactive. In order to add a message when an educator hovers over the student view button, the admin simply clicks it, defines the message style, and then enters the message details. The impact dashboard is where admins can understand how users are interacting with Canvas and optimize these experiences. Here, we'll find high level reports on various user interactions The user activity report shows how many active users there have been over time and how long they've been logged in.

We can also see things like average session times and total page clicks. These reports can be filtered by user group date range, and viewed as a bar or line chart. Reports can also be exported as a CSV or PDF Tool adoption reports allow us to see how well users are taking advantage of individual canvas features. In this example, we're looking at how many instructors are using the Canvas outcomes feature. We can filter the data for instructors only and over a particular time period.

We click on any of the canvas outcome options Here, we're able to see how many instructors are using the find outcome feature. Integrated tools is a unique feature of impact allowing admins to track the usage of third party apps through Canvas. For example, Microsoft Office Canvas course activity reports show usage data within individual courses These reports can be embedded into a Canvas course, allowing educators to see learner activity and engagement. Admins can also see the instructor engagement and when they last accessed canvas. Impact allows admins to create custom reports through the my reports feature.

These reports can be used to monitor trends across various levels, or as in this example, identify champion users of particular canvas features. This custom report was built on the number of click engagements users had with canvas learning mastery features. Champion users like Nikki and Stacy could be interviewed as part of a campaign to increase the adoption of this particular feature The impact dashboard is powerful for gaining insights into the support center, as well as tailoring its content to suit user experiences. Under support, We can view every piece of support material and whether it was created by Instructure or your organization, From this page, we can create a new support article, all view an existing one. Articles can be set to appear to particular user groups, such as instructors only.

They can also be set to be suggested on particular pages in connection with certain activities, or visible for a certain time period. Article insights help us understand how help articles are being accessed and also show the feedback received. A global view of support center insights pinpoints the most frequently accessed articles and shows how many times the support center button was clicked. Impact can also show which pages have the most support questions being asked, uncovering patterns of behavior, and helping admins focus on specific areas for training or future campaigns. Feedback for all articles is presented allowing us to explore further and view the individual user votes and comments for each article.

Routing and availability allows administrators to set the support center's escalation channels. If we recall the learner looking for help with Canvas calendar integration, there were options for email, call, and chat at the bottom of the support page. Impact allows organizations to route inquiries to specific email addresses for particular time periods reverting to the Instructure support center outside of those times. This can be done across all support channels and can also be customized for specific user groups. In this example, only learner requests are routed to a school's internal email during business hours.

Impact also allows admins to create messages here in the back end Here is the message we saw earlier explaining mastery paths. There are three message styles available, Hints appear when hovering over an item. Popups will show when a page is loaded, and system tray messages will appear in the bottom right of the screen. Message visibility can be customized to user groups first time users, time period, and more. Message feedback and insights can also be viewed here with most data exportable to CSV or PDF.

Messages can also be chained together to create walkthroughs. Walkthroughs can be made up of as many messages as required and can function across multiple canvas pages. Walkthroughs can be made to appear for specific user groups or under specific sets of circumstances, such as the first time a user loads a page Where all of these powerful user insights messaging capabilities come together is in encouraging and facilitating the easy adoption of learning technologies for both learners and educators. Perhaps we want to encourage more users to leverage Canvas' speed grader, We'd achieve this by starting a campaign. Let's say we'd like forty percent of our users to adopt SpeedGrader for marking.

The relevant support articles, messages, and walk throughs can be attributed to the campaign, and new ones can be created. We'll then be able to target particular user groups to see this content, as well as tracking their access to it. Using the data utilization and reporting tools, we'll be able to track individual user behavior, identify problem areas, and adjust our messaging according to measurable user needs. Impact's easily digestible reporting and powerful integration of support and customization tools allows educators to adopt new educational technologies more easily reducing the need for training and freeing them to focus on their core business of imparting learning. Learning is a lifelong adventure. Make sure it's flexible, stackable, and customizable with impact the technology adoption solution of the Instructure Learning platform. Unlock more powerful insights through impact and get in touch with one of our experts today for a custom tailored demonstration.

The video will discuss a number of themes that highlight the features and capabilities of Impact by Instructure within the Instructure Learning Platform.

  • Theme #1: Student Perspective
    • Impact offers in-app support to facilitate the adoption of new Canvas features for learners.
    • Administrators can create customised in-app messages and walkthroughs to enhance the learning experience.
    • Learners can access help resources easily, and support options are tailored based on user roles and activities.
    • Learners can use a search bar for assistance and access support through various channels, including calls, emails, and chats.
  • Theme #2: Teacher Perspective
    • Impact adapts its support based on the user type and their actions within the Canvas app.
    • Educators receive context-specific information and guidance when using Canvas features.
    • Detailed walkthroughs are available for complex features, ensuring educators understand how to use them effectively.
    • Users can provide feedback to improve the support experience.
  • Theme #3: Administrator Perspective
    • Administrators can customise the support experiences for educators and learners.
    • They can create pop-up messages and customise their appearance on Canvas pages.
    • Messages can be designed as hints, pop-ups, or system tray messages.
  • Theme #4: Understanding User Activity
    • The Impact dashboard provides administrators with insights into how users interact with Canvas and learning tools.
    • User activity reports show active users, session durations, page clicks, and more.
    • Reports can be segmented by user groups and are exportable in various formats.
    • Tool adoption reports reveal how well users utilise Canvas features.
    • Administrators can create custom reports to monitor trends and identify "champion users."
  • Theme #5: The Support Centre
    • The Support Centre in Impact is a powerful tool for creating and managing support resources.
    • Administrators can create and manage support articles, customise visibility, and track user engagement with support materials.
    • Routing and availability settings allow for the customisation of support channels.
    • Messages can be created to appear as hints, pop-ups, or system tray messages, with customisation options.
    • Messages can be linked together to create walkthroughs for users.
  • Theme #6: Campaigns
    • Campaigns are used to encourage users to adopt specific learning technologies.
    • Customised support articles, messages, and walkthroughs can be associated with campaigns.
    • Targeted user groups can access campaign content, and their interactions are tracked.
    • Data and reporting tools help assess user behaviour and adjust messaging to meet user needs.

Explore more features and get in touch with one of our experts for a custom-tailored walkthrough.