Canvas Credentials Product Demo


In this product demo video, we will showcase the powerful features and capabilities of Canvas Credentials, the all-in-one digital badging tool of the Canvas Learning Management System.

Whether you're a student, teacher, or part of an educational institution, Canvas Credentials provides learners with a centralised, shareable depository for all of their skills and achievements. Watch now to discover how digital credentials help translate learning outcomes into validated skills that both students and employers can understand, uplift an institution’s reputation and drive enrollment, and enable learners and staff in their lifelong learning journey. Let's dive in and discover how Canvas can revolutionise your learning experience.

Video Transcript
The Instructure learning platform is underpinned by the Canvas Learning Management System, and is designed to deliver teaching, learning, and student success through an open, extensible digital learning hub. Today will be demonstrating the all in one digital badging tool of our learning management system, canvas credentials. Faculty can access all they need to set up and seamlessly issue badges directly within the Canvas LMS. They can award badges for any definable achievement in learning environments, games, or the workplace. From completion of a module or assignment to achieving a certain grade in a quiz. Each badge contains rich metadata about the achievement.

Each of these badges complies with the open badges standard, a specialized type of digital badge containing verifiable metadata, according to a common data format, proving skills is easier than before. Faculty can award badges through multiple channels, including the Canvas LMS, as well as using a URL, scannable QR code or through email. No matter what education model your organization uses, you're able to leverage Canvas credentials to validate competencies, drive engagement, improve completion rates, and increase student enrollment. Canvas credentials is also a powerful analytics tool for faculty to monitor individual student progress and manage course metrics With built in reporting and analytics, faculty can easily identify students performing well, and more importantly, those who are falling behind. They can then take the necessary steps to intervene informed by the relevant data.

Communicating this with students can be as simple as reaching out through Canvas' internal messaging system. To send a note directly to their inbox. This is just one of the many ways credentials and canvas seamlessly integrate to elevate your teaching and learning experience. The learning experience becomes more exciting for students when you clearly communicate their journey towards a meaningful outcome. Mapping out a badged curriculum encourages students to be more motivated in their own personal learning journey.

Canvas credentials pathways allow institutions to provide students with easy to follow roadmaps that showcase their skills progression. At Instructure, We know that progress in education doesn't magically appear at the end of a degree program. That's why we encourage the use of pathways so you can recognize, validate, and track learning achievements from day one. And for faculty members on the road to leadership, or looking to upskill themselves. Pathways makes it extremely easy to envision and share growth in their careers.

In the interests of promoting student growth, we've made it possible for you to create pathways with badges from outside of your organization. With the import from third party tool, you can bring in any open badge to your pathway and grant access to a wide variety of courses and activities for your students. Ultimately, providing them with more opportunities to explore and expand their skills. Let's take a look at how canvas credentials works from the student's point of view, guiding them through self paced learning journeys. It's a seamless way for students to record and share their validated skills and achievements with future employers.

It also increases their intrinsic motivation to study and learn. To track their progress throughout a course, Students can see in one glance within their canvas LMS environment, a full picture of badges they've already attained alongside those they're working to earn. This visual dashboard paints a picture of which part of the course they should devote their attention to next to bridge the knowledge gap. By presenting this information to students, we can leverage technology to make education more self directed, and encourage autonomous learning. On the leader board, students can instantly see how they rank compared to others.

The leader board also adds an element of gamification to the learning process. To maintain student confidentiality, lectures can enable aliases instead of using real names. From a pedagogical perspective, students are more motivated as they attain more badges, driving an upward learning spiral, On the same interface, students can view the pathways they've enrolled in to understand how far they are along the learning journey. The overview also helps them see the badges they've attained, the steps they need to take to get to the next stage, and ultimately the final badge. The modern and responsive UI of pathways helps to engage students throughout the course Given work readiness is the number one concern of students around the world.

It's important to showcase a variety of skills and achievements to future employers. Canvas credentials does just that with a seamless way to record and share achievements externally. Students can find all their credentials in one place called Mybadges. It's a digital student record, which serves as a centralized shareable depository, for all of a student's skills and achievements. Students can easily share a badge they've earned as a direct link or on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

They can also leverage the HTML embedded code, to publish their achievements on their website or digital portfolio. In other words, these badges are valuable to job seekers alongside their resume, degree, or transcript to showcase students' learnings and achievements. Digital credentials help translate learning outcomes into validated skills that both students and employers can understand. For institutions, it can uplift your reputation, drive enrollments, and expand community reach as your students share their badges cross the internet. Showcasing job skills is simple and easy with canvas credentials.

We've partnered with Lightcast to highlight skills that lead to a successful career or promotion directly from your students badge award. When you issue badges with the Canvas credentials issue These badges can be linked with skills that connect to job market data when those badges are viewed or shared. Clicking on each skill takes the student directly to job search sites such as Indeed dot com. Displaying jobs filtered based on the skills as keywords. This integration in labels badging institutions to highlight their programs and empower students in their field.

Institute can also use canvas credentials in the professional development of staff. Now more than ever, there's an increasing demand for professional development programs to help individuals keep up with the rapid pace of change in the workforce. There's especially a growing interest in non degree and skills focused training programs, including industry certifications, apprenticeships, and micro credentials. All of these can be combined into high quality stackable programs. You can leverage these badges and pathways to empower your employees to visualize their career journey, showcase their upskilling credentials, and unlock more career potential.

When it comes to tracking progress during the learning journey, organization administrators can discover, understand and report on course metrics and student achievements, all on the analytics dashboard. This reporting is also available for administrators directly from the canvas environment. There, in one centralized location, you can source rich learning analytics to help administrators understand badging activity. Track the skills recognized and the number of students working on them, and to determine the most effective courses on offer. Institutions can also track how students are sharing their badges externally, which helps marketing teams make informed decisions on the platforms to promote their institution's offerings.

Learning is a lifelong adventure. Make sure it's verifiable, portable, and personal. With canvas credentials, the skills based pillar of the Instructure Learning platform. Unlock more powerful features of canvas credentials and get in touch with one of our experts today for a custom tailored demonstration.

The product video will showcase Canvas Credentials, part of the Instructure Learning Platform, with a focus on educator, student, and institution perspectives.

Educator Perspective
  - Faculty can use Canvas Credentials to issue badges for definable achievements within the Canvas LMS.
  - Badges comply with the Open Badges standard, containing verifiable metadata.
  - Badges can be awarded through various channels, making skills validation easier.
  - Canvas Credentials also serves as a powerful analytics tool for monitoring student progress.
  - Pathways allow institutions to create clear skill's progression road maps.

Student Perspective
  - Canvas Credentials guides students through self-paced learning, recording and sharing validated skills.
  - A visual dashboard displays earned and in-progress badges, encouraging autonomous learning.
  - Leaderboards add gamification to the learning process while maintaining student confidentiality.
  - Students can view their enrolled Pathways and transferable skills.

Institution Perspective
  - Canvas Credentials showcases workforce readiness with badges linked to job skills and job market data.
  - Institutions can use Canvas Credentials for staff professional development and upskilling.
  - Reporting and analytics tools provide insights into badging activity and student achievements.

Unlock more powerful features of Canvas Credentials and get in touch with one of our experts today for a custom-tailored demonstration.