Three Reasons the Canvas Mobile App is an Essential Download


Full Functionality at Your Fingertips 

Using mobile apps helps campuses build better communities while facilitating immersive and engaging learning experiences. The Canvas Mobile app provides connection, accessibility, and flexibility in ever-changing environments. As the higher education landscape continues to shift, institutions must keep up to meet students where they are. And where are they? On their phones. Read on for three reasons why the Canvas Mobile App is an essential download for a connected campus. 

1. Mobile is Your Friend 

Students and faculty enjoy truly native mobile experiences in their daily lives, and Canvas has built mobile apps to provide the same kind of experiences in their educational lives. With the Canvas LMS native mobile apps, students and instructors utilise a dedicated mobile application that simplifies the user experience and allows them to access what they need, when they need it, from any iOS or Android device. The Canvas Mobile App is reliable, easy to communicate with, dependable, and easily accessible - it’s your friend! 

2. Equity and Accessibility On Demand 

The Canvas Mobile App supports equity and accessibility for the students and instructors who use it. We design, develop, and test our native apps to be as consistently accessible as any other piece of Canvas - supporting high contrasts, large text, and screen readers on devices for both iOS and Android platforms. Equity means making sure all students have the support they need to be successful in their courses. The Canvas Mobile App ensures that students are able to access their courses without a desktop or laptop, all they need is a smart device and an internet connection through wifi or a data plan. Students can stay current with their courses from anywhere - on a bus to work, while waiting for their child’s dance practice, or at the Friday night football game. 

3. Flexible, Just Like You 

With the Canvas Mobile App, students and faculty can:

  • Communicate with each other via direct messages. No need to find an email address
  • Create, customise, and view their calendars. Know and see what’s most important
  • Provide or access differentiated curriculum and instruction with MasteryPaths
  • Customise notification settings, set reminders, and place alert thresholds
  • Quickly export, import, and submit assignments and projects within the mobile app
  • Easily grade assignments, offer feedback, and even markup and annotate PDFs
  • Access separate faculty and student environments to ensure a quality experience for everyone


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