Knowledge is Power: 10 Ways Canvas Admin Analytics Transforms Teaching

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Designed based on customer input and tested by education leaders, Canvas Admin Analytics, is a new solution that makes it easy for administrators to see and understand how Canvas is being used across their institution to quickly inform decisions. Now available to all Canvas LMS customers, Admin Analytics dashboards organise and present Canvas adoption and engagement data with enrolment and grade data in interactive charts that allow administrators and academic leaders to see and understand the data that matter most to them. 

Ready to learn more? Here are 10 ways Canvas Admin Analytics can transform teaching and learning – starting today.

  1. Get a bird’s eye view of usage. Interactive dashboards make it easy to see Canvas usage across your institution to demonstrate ROI, identify training needs, and implement initiatives to improve adoption. 
  2. Quickly gauge gaps and successes. Discover how Canvas features are used to know which courses are built effectively, to identify best practices, and improve the student learning experience.
  3. Raise visibility of student performance. In a single view, gain visibility into student performance data across classes/courses that enable targeted interventions to improve student outcomes. 
  4. Make the data make sense. Crisp visualisations make seeing and understanding the data painless for anyone.  
      -   View comparisons of course status
          (unpublished, published with or without activity, deleted, concluded)

      -   See trends in average grade distribution
      -   Compare Canvas feature usage across courses and trends over time
      -   Display charts of student averages, submissions breakdowns, and student activity over time
  5. Save time with tabs. Organised by Overview, Course, and Student, tabs allow users to navigate to what’s most pertinent to them, cutting down on the time it takes to source information.
  6. Use filters to find answers faster. Canvas Admin Analytics provides an institution-wide view with multiple filters that enable users to refine charts to the level of detail useful for their role (e.g. subaccount, term/time period, course, instructor).
  7. Ignite your power. With Canvas Admin Analytics, users have the power to drill down to see or export details and link directly to a Canvas course from the dashboard. 
  8. Uncover more than meets the eye: Admin Analytics consolidates information that previously required several reports to uncover, and in some cases will provide transparency to new data.
  9. Access it globally. Like Canvas LMS, this solution is available to customers across the globe. 
  10. Enjoy it for free! While many learning management systems charge an additional cost for in-depth analytics dashboards, Canvas Admin Analytics is available to existing and new Canvas LMS customers at no cost.

As schools and institutions prioritise making data-informed decisions, administrators will need to quickly surface and understand data related to student outcomes and success. A much-requested solution, Canvas Admin Analytics takes the guesswork out of data pulling and makes the #1 educational software even stronger. Canvas LMS is what it is today because of its customers and will always reflect users’ needs. 

Watch this video walkthrough to learn more about Canvas Admin Analytics.

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