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Whether you're a student, teacher, or part of an educational institution, Canvas Catalog is an easy and intuitive way for your institution to publicly present inviting and impactful course offerings. It provides users with a unified system for browsing, paying, enrolling, and learning. Watch now to discover how Canvas Catalog eliminates unnecessary in-house maintenance so your staff are free to focus on what’s most important - the teaching and learning experience. Let's dive in and discover how Canvas Catalog can revolutionise your learning experience.

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Video Transcript
The Instructure Learning platform is underpinned by the Canvas Learning Management System, and is designed to deliver teaching, learning, and student success through an open, extensible digital learning hub. Today, we'll be demonstrating the digital storefront of our learning management system, canvas catalog. Let's take a look at how canvas catalog helps educators generate awareness for their courses in a simple and impactful way. Administrators and faculty can set up and create a customizable storefront for their course offerings in an attractive online marketplace. It's as intuitive as can be. Canvas catalog makes it easy to tailor storefront design with branding.

It's simple to personalize marketplace pages and listings with the rich content editor. And if you want to get more creative, you can also use CSS and JavaScript. Create more impact courses with our responsive design that allows learners to work from any device. In doing so, you can reach a far broader audience interested in learning online from anywhere at their own pace. Whether you're an educator or an administrator, you'll be able to leverage Canvas catalog to manage your course offerings, enable learner enrollment, collect payment, and generate certification.

That way, you focus on creating impactful learning experiences, and catalog handles the rest. Canvas catalog seamlessly integrates with dozens of gateways for paid listings. For learners, that means registration, payment, and learning. All happens in one place online. Meanwhile, faculty and administrators can manage enrollments, revenue, and a whole lot more without all the administrative tasks.

Saving them valuable time. With Canvas catalog, account creation and online enrollment is easier than before. Administrators can enable self registration for a course listing so learners can easily sign up. Institutions are not limited by an internal database. You can share courses anywhere, even with learners outside your institution.

Administrators can take the necessary steps to manage course listings and create programs by stacking a collection of courses. It's automated and more streamlined from course enrollment all the way through to course completion. Learners can also automatically receive their certificate or transcript as soon as they're done with the course. No extra paperwork required. Now we're going to talk you through how easy Canvas catalog is to navigate for learners looking to enroll and graduate from any course.

Search, creating an account, registering, and even paying is a smoother user experience. Learners can easily scan courses and programs via the search field on the homepage. They can also browse the catalog listings. Whatever your catalog design, your learners will follow the same steps while searching for or viewing a course or program listing. Resulting in a familiar intuitive experience for all.

Remember, you can customize your catalog view for what suits your institution. In order to locate a specific offering at an institution, learners can use the filter options. The category drop down menu can be selected to explore listings by category. There, learners can then select a category from the list. To refine the displayed listings, learners can click on refine in the drop down menu and utilize the filter or sort by functions.

These options mean your learners can view all the offerings available from traditional degrees to other learning pathways Now more than ever, it's important to showcase work ready skills and achievements to future employers. Canvas catalog opens up the learning experience to a wider range of learners, traditional and non traditional. As well as faculty for their own professional development. It's easy to scale educator training across your institution with Canvas catalog to support lifelong learning. Finally, we'll show you how easy it is for your educational institution to manage student enrollment and learning on Canvas catalog.

With our payment integrations, your learners can purchase single or multiple enrollments in courses from your institution's catalog. It's an efficient way to accept funds for course offerings. When learners select a course to purchase, catalog reserves their spot in capped courses for up to ten minutes while they are enrolling. Including discounts for your learners is easy too, as catalogs e commerce capabilities support promotional codes. They appear clearly during the checkout process.

When marketing to learners internationally, you can set these discount codes either as a currency amount or a flexible percentage rate. In short, canvas catalog is an easy and intuitive way for your institution to publicly present inviting and impactful courses. It's a familiar institution themed interface for educators and learners already using the Canvas LMS. A unified system for browsing, paying, enrolling, and learning. Sharing courses in this way can enhance your institution's reputation, driving enrollments, and expanding community reach beyond your existing or traditional learners.

It's easy to monitor analytics and export enrollment reports, revenue reports, and listing analytics in one click. Canvas catalog eliminates unnecessary in house maintenance, so your staff are free to focus on what's most important. The teaching and learning experience. When you use catalog, you provide learners with opportunities to upskill. Opening doors for them to in demand industries worldwide. Learning is a lifelong adventure, Make sure it's flexible, stackable, and customizable with Canvas catalog, the marketplace solution of the Instructure Learning platform, unlock more powerful features of Canvas catalog and get in touch with one of our experts today for a custom tailored demonstration.

This product video will showcase Canvas Catalog, a part of the Instructure Learning Platform, with a focus on educator, student, and institution perspectives.

Educator Perspective
  - Canvas Catalog helps educators create a customisable online storefront for their courses.
  - Personalise storefront design, branding, and content with ease.
  - It offers responsive design for learners to access from any device, expanding the audience reach.
  - Simplifies in-house maintenance and enrolment management, allowing educators to focus on teaching.
  - Integrates seamlessly with payment gateways for streamlined registration and payment processes.
  - Offers automated account creation and enrolment management, including certificate issuance.

Student Perspective
  - Canvas Catalog offers a user-friendly experience for learners.
  - It simplifies the registration process and offers an intuitive search and browse function.
  - Learners can easily filter and sort course offerings based on their preferences.
  - The platform is scalable, accommodating traditional and non-traditional learners.
  - Supports work-ready skill development and lifelong learning.

Institution Perspective
  - Canvas Catalog streamlines student enrolment management.
  - Payment integrations enable efficient fund collection for courses.
  - Allows for discounts using promotional codes, including international discounts.
  - Offers a unified, institution-themed interface for educators and learners.
  - Facilitates easy monitoring of analytics and export of reports.
  - Eliminates in-house maintenance, freeing up staff to focus on teaching and learning.

Explore more features and get in touch with one of our experts for a custom-tailored walkthrough.