State of Vocational Education in Asia Pacific [2022 Report]


Over the past years, the vocational education sector in the Asia Pacific has faced considerable challenges and has had to find ways to not only survive but also adapt to future learning models. In order to examine these challenges and offer solutions, Instructure has released the "2022 State of Vocational Education Report". This report delves into the issues in detail and provides guidance on how educational institutions can chart a course toward the future. The report underscores the importance of vocational education in building the necessary skills the Asia Pacific requires for success.


This research study conducted by Instructure looks at the state of vocational education in Singapore. The study gathered information from 463 respondents working in vocational education institutions in countries across the Asia Pacific region including 196 in Australia, 48 in New Zealand, 112 in The Philippines, and 107 in Singapore. Of these, 273 were employed as administrators or owners and 190 as instructors or trainers.

The study discusses how:

  • Online and hybrid learning models have become more prominent, and institutions are now planning to retain these approaches for the future.
  • APAC institutions are facing economic uncertainty due to rising costs and inflation, with many countries in the region experiencing high inflation rates.
  • Despite these challenges, APAC countries recognise the importance of building skills for economic prosperity, and vocational education and training play a key role in this.
  • The Australian and New Zealand governments are committed to supporting more vocational education places and ensuring that the sector delivers the skills needed for their respective countries.
  • The President of the Philippines has emphasised the importance of education and skills development, while the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) aims to train 1.8 million Filipinos in various technical vocational courses in 2023.
  • The Singaporean government is committed to ongoing programs to support students and graduates from polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).
  • Instructure's 2022 State of Vocational Education in APAC Report examines how institutions can navigate the future to contribute to the economic prosperity of the region.