A Game Changing Investment for Education Institutions | Impact by Instructure [Infographic]


90% of institutions have been able to easily reach 90% adoption rate with proactive actions with Impact by Instructure. Here's why:  


The “Impact by Instructure Infographic” outlines 3 main reasons why Impact by Instructure can help modernise institutions and improve their efficiency by getting the most out of their technology investments

1) LMS Usage reports that help you make data driven decisions

  • Understand which tools you are investing in
  • ROI Evaluation
  • Understand the value of activities such as training, workshops and messaging

Canvas native tools can be 100% monitored using Impact.

2) Increase Quality of Online Course Offerings

  • Deliver the best teaching and learning experience with targeted messages to ensure key learning objectives.
  • Identify Courses that can be improved
  • Drive Institutional Objectives with Messages

Placing Impact campaigns can help institutions grow adoption in a short time span of 75% to 95%

3) The right support at the right time for the right user

  • Provide on-screen “Tier Zero” support directly within Canvas
  • Reduce Overall Support Load
  • Streamline the Support Process
  • Speed up the Resolution Process

Support escalation is tracked within Impact


If you’re interested in learning more about a game changing investment from a Impact expert, request a demo and see the platform in action: https://www.instructure.com/en-au/request-demo