A UX (user experience) approach to online distance learning

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Play film. I think we're doing this today for. Are you at Sprouts to online distance learning? It would involve selling Jam learning to drive. Those are broken. Slightest. Just know, if it would all come together to make sense at the end.

We'll start with a brief introduction for myself and my colleague. Dr. Adam Matthews. Will then ask the question of what actually is your ex design. Come here.

Then. Then we'll talk about, Harry waiting to find out uses. And hey, we did this at the University of Birmingham. I'll look at your ex first approach that we want to take him, go then showcase our completed, his own environments. I will finish off them, boys.

Looking forward to have a chance to start measuring. Our successes will be doing this with usability testing and also usability feedback. Why must your address? And I will cuz I'm learning in your extras on at the University of Birmingham. I work with in a chain called educational price and we have a profile of development team helping primarily with the Philippine universities online learning provision by myself. I started my career as a graphic designer working in the print industry.

And then I'll become a transition to cross into digital design, which I've been doing that for well, over 15 years. Is included e-commerce design, websites a Communications through to full digital company. Hi, when I get outside in my skis, I'm lecturing education technology and Society at the University of but we we are currently pollinating a new sect. Has been sweet to distance learning programs. I do I program a for one of those that program is designed for learning environment University.

Look at the you expressed. It will take 2 stroke treatment of these programs and projects that to progress information to students. I wish I could fill and run the program. So what is your XO user experience design has become very good. Last few years with many definition, but you can pretty much breakfast.

I need to pray. Simplified. Officially your exes on is removing any friction and confusion of tongues between your customers, you know, in case you learn is and that in goals. Second lyrics to zone is not just confined to the digital world. It encompasses all customer touch points in our environment.

Is my bed open dinosaur events. It can include phone call. I'm going to say she has concluded email campaigns websites and who these will join together. As part of the usual experience. It was not just confined to the digital will do your screen.

Ux design is about a different kind of approach. What would you like to start putting the end-user first? And then we were looking backwards because I'm standing in their shoes were looking through that. Always be designing towards that tonight. We know that we need to use first. We need to find out here.

I use actually all of the universe. Aspects of the project site to buy Jackson. At the university has many uses involved. That damn thing, just say, this is Jaden. So it would affect the US approach when you helped us to do that.

Don't you thinking about who the uses of the design system expected? We have teachers in academics. I thought she learning about in a blank piece of paper and I think as an academic, I struggle, sometimes with with with dipping sauce, for the bank heist in outside, having a design system is going to talk to you about allies for real real structure inconsistency around some of the attractions that you will cry with teachers and academics. The full sheets as well. A note template to really important because they keep students structure as well. Stay, where we are teaching the program at the moment Design for Learning environment.

You shouldn't have come inside had the consistency. It's really, really important to use a journey that my old school, Soca 1990 Journey really, really sets at what machine should be doing. And when he did that, we provide live session which is for the night during the week. So every sindel Oakland and Harrison Ford. I mentioned that we could make sense to does the use of the really really important having a u x approach the matter also to your back because it's not necessarily a country which I'm sure lots of people will be talking about a conference today.

It's just that kind of does it work and an extension of digital products of the University of what it will look like when a student apply to when they can trade for the graphics. Uncle Gigi Chan in perspective and broken down in the Montrose sections in campus. Google,. Can I use for my assistant assistant? That we need to have a very very very important for us to be structure and see if we can pull when I'm designing the matches the home working on. I really appreciate something instruction pushed along in that.

Why did lots that we want to get inside? There's lots of lots of reading, lots of different perspectives that we want to work on having that you like system and working with the designer and clearex perspective, really focusing on what was the street she should be doing, but then Master the same thing about that is what you see on the screen. I think it really important buys and I think I have to describe this one. So we might say, I never had lots of lighting. What's the Dime? Dime into the water off at the Garden tonight? It looks simple. In my kitty, looks simple and straightforward.

You are the real hard. What comes in an old is starting on a piece of paper, really taking things away. So I will have lots of things and I was like, yeah, we kind of parenting is why I might be sure. It's really, really, really condensed around. Everybody's getting students, the opportunity to kind of have that cool Cool J.

The real good trick is to try and get the cord, you any vacations possibility to jump up and going to these places. Will a video of the approach that I can continue with that with his everyday section? So this is where we like to start looking at a u x first approach to online learning design will be looking at design. Psychology will be looking at usability responsive design techniques. At this part of the earth is very much behind the showing a lot of hard work to get the truck to barely for myself. Intersection of looks like a psychology behind setting job.

We look at the brain books from learning to drive, and also Highway navigate to, and broke his prices. And what we'll do with a single these things together to show Harry up to put all these, these design psychology and techniques together actually helps to then cried about your ex first approached. You have a late is Owen. First obstacle that we need to tackle is a tram called Choice paralysis. When we presented with multiple decisions or choices, you're less likely to engage, hence.

The term Troy's probably has an example. If you have a morgue still sending The Six Wives of John McCain's, still sending over. 20 research has shown that the stove is six, the six jars of jam with always sell them or is it because of the choice promises that ring guys, if you get multiple dishes to pick from, Open bleach. Do you need to remove the choice paralysis? What we need to do things that you go ahead and stay without uses to the country that we want them to get too. And so with this is with this concept them up, took food out designs, especially with the homepage.

So when we were researching, the homepage is only referring to order course, she had links or Coat Factory in that range. Anything from 96th and links jumped into the Hard Rock collection services. So, what would they released? All the potential contractions are used with one strap. Them all back in the morning, show contact with you. That make sense and then went to link to the homepage, to haul three, other than food or drinks and extraction.

With these Coast auction. When did the Hard Rock exercise with this report? Them out, news Link at the top of the list and work to buy down. And I also went through 9 to designing the homepage of all the links or Coast auction with Zak, you about the usual. Want you to know that she positioned on the page. Where do you want them? Where they would be looking for them? So I do need to remove.

Troy's probably has moved. I use his truck to get home to the job in hand as a rest. The next part about you exposed approach with reduced was reducing cognitive load and we just, we don't want to my account, use a stink only when they have to finish at start doing tasks and think about things. So if you're matching the brain is split into two, sorry the left and the right side or left side, 61 on the right side is system to At their system on eBay. Be like most about daddy decisions.

He's a Mite automatically and unconsciously. It's kind of like a time around at the hotel part. It is very Mike fast decisions that you feel emotional, and then we'll to my Chick-fil-A. Sorry. Not trying to just do what I was thinking that's humans for your place.

Resistance in heaven, realizing you're going to be in that kind of flower thing to do ever. Comes easy. Their system to that fella logical system for making conscious decisions when we use system to have to slow things down to take lot more effort, more deliberate. It's hard. Where I can hear it from a few system.

To think about things to think about things start to question. When we start to crush thing to become indecisive. I want me to come in. Just cause you don't engage, we want our users to engage. So what we need to do this, we need, I was used to being Sister one.

As much as we can throw out user experience Journey. Is the best explanation I've come across in explaining system, warning system to learning to drive the counseling system to learning new skills, from a distinct from to question, everything promise to do multiple things. At the same time that never done before round mirror signal and with breaking, sometimes I'm still at the same time, alunageorge really hard. Wichita, Children's Choice in your experience, Troy Ava. You will try to think about someone being natural and free flowing and automatic knowledge of those was a two Choice experience coming from long distances and getting driving destination recover member single thing about the journey, that's good.

System on it. What we want to do with our course, and I will templates that way. We won't have a cheer side. You just call me to load an increase of Engagement. What we want to do want to keep, oh you just can fix them or what's be really easy.

And not sure what we found. We don't think about anything, but then what we want to do want to switch them in the system to come to a learning task activity again, right? Relasion rain really Fleming. a full-blown attacks themselves and not the journey and experience at the Coventry. Another important part of disowning you exposed approach until you just mentioned models. When explaining a math model is, if you ever try to use Nest, right? That's not working is not moving.

It instantly feels weird on a natural or you can use your phone as a large. You able to bite you to use it feeling very nervous, and I'm not fully make it in on it. Old Stone Face. Turn into a set of stairs walk-in yoga in broken toe. Straight people have And what we need to do.

Now we need to attach. How are you just meant models, should be based around their past experiences in the past, exposures, but I've been with them. I meant tomatoes to make out until Avenue to stream first orange brand inspection Brandon. Let me know. Okay, so you just been exposed and experience things like our respect and Casino website and social media brochures posters and mental modern Aesthetics of what universe is Birmingham, isn't it look like As uses most people, I know how to navigate around new website, online booking stuff.

Use social media flipping that with him as well. I meant model of Heritage experience should be about the injury. When the experiments wiping you need to make more. What would you want to do? They spray with a cool halo effect effects. If a user has a positive emotional experience the beginning of the journey that will follow that positive experience been through with him as I progressed.

That's what's called a halo effect. It also has to sleep in the reverse opposite to it. If a user has a negative emotion or bad experience early on, in the process of experience, Becomes of always follow that negative feeling or emotion with him, as I progressed through our church policies. You want to keep her uses in system won't even fit them in 62. In cognitive load and also a team instrumental models of the aesthetic surgeons functional.

Say, we're not writing a positive health effects. That way you can keep, as I go see if you can get Today? What we got, like all the structures behind the shine retracted. Go forward now and start designing the pages and experience in the valley. Everything to be done up until this point. It open down in pain and Piper.

Will it rain in sketch? Likes students academic coffee back, directions, to canvassed being that you would eat a blank canvas. You got to take our designs and Ivan restrictions with them. You build it from a fresh blank piece of paper. One of the first things of the main things we supposed to concentrate on this valve is my king forever with his own and be completely unresponsive unresponsive with this town into all the difference major types, or desktop types. Example related to 15 to desktop seven through two laptops, tablets treat pots to to mobile devices, respond back, no matter what platform to use was using whatever device to use it at 4 using.

Show me a favor of a small selection of some of the pages that were designed. And I think I should say there's a constant looking fail. Gravity to the pages as you go along them. I was quite a lot easier for the user. And what would you do? Talk about me.

Jay Chapman tomorrow. So we'll the imagery the icons. The typography, the colors. They just things that usually experience before before. Him, Try to catch, me.

I'm in, because the functionality, if you looked very much like the world is on the website with me, or even social media and if the centralized section of the central, so she may be navigate things right now. So trying to keep the momentum of the functionality is well, within the pages to a centralized and over the content. He's at every single part of your leg very similar to each other and system woman. I am to rethink the right things. We trying to find stuff.

Global Entry interview before trying to fit them into system to for that folder in itself into learning tasks. We don't go into the office thinking going from one page to the next to the smallest. I'm sorry. We couldn't come close to the homepages and British, we go straight to the Irish that I need to get to buy the case, any of that choice prices and sister took that earlier. We didn't report.

It goes to the University of Miami logo, has a website or an e-mail. Distribution usual always look in the top left-hand corner for the love of God, just for reassurance. Incompetence in the dealership, to see what I really knowing. We went to put his confidence and Trust in a very to put multiple tabs open. What's the deal with the usability of my trailer, all the couch cancer with fear and I see characters or no longer products in order to read more than eight characters, long on a page unicorn to switch off.

So we don't want to do it. If you notice all about this orange essential oils with a 90 carat to Max game of usability and look like We also use of color psychology involved in this part of the University brand is blue. We wanted to use that in this could play with our trust and confidence in our users are using our put if we want them to be able to talk to you and also aware that we used to go to contrast as well. If you notice, your boy is not drawing soap to the dark rye, Ridge of the bay where the content is take. The camera cannot focus points toward your way into the content, you know.

Around the page looking for Linked from left to right up down Country. Now, where you are on every single page. Is it a long journey? Show me a few knives. Why? The example of a sewing course? Philadelphia News homepage that she can stay in the home page. Got those pick up me to Detroit policies for the user.

I'm from out then she was like I was through with you and Arrangements of pages in zone as I've already pre-made or someplace. When he's a video. Pray that the user can select is a video is about the Future. Past tight, White Plains and stole two ways pages. I know the one that we have is a interactive page and foolish.

We utilize the full week to the page for using cement truck show animation music. Going to want to watch it go in and use the whole thing yourself. Inexpensive at what you see here was done with him,. This is no third party plugins to no third-party software. Create any of this is.

Hope you don't bring home the structure itself. I told them that they tricked RJ then we'll talk try to reflection and I've compiled and published a simple. What time is occasionally animation in the end of the week. The reception is at the lonely. Night comes with the cat for me.

You'll see when my kid bow and tired as in, okay. Well, don't type thing. So I can just very simple animation is no third-party software, looking to Soul. Tomlin, the real age of American campus. Soneri, how about designs? If I Labs real Syracuse is using the next thing, we need to do.

Start measuring our success trying to build on this as we go forward. It going forward, but we were determined in regards to this project. And now with this orange and templates without the grand going to be wild. Call shelf product that starts with an r that just bring up the Shelf. Use complacent.

Put back on the Shelf against the next time around is constantly evolving evolving piece of work. It's more organic and keep improving on it. Am I can put better as we go along and learn from it. And I have to do this. Want to make sure they spoil, we can short.

Look at things like, emphysema can baby, can my promotions? Are people going through the chair and they can, I see pictures of pages different tasks real. So I can start doing right to the online user interviews and feedback sessions. Are we getting used in police reports? Getting usability feedback? I can complain. Then we can pick him up some sort of things as well by doing this, hope that we can cry. At least, you're a really robust book.

Very strong and solid templates. Or where can I buy University of college students. Don't try to miss it. So what you say? Hey and I love our project right now. I'm getting the feedback that should keep evolving at making approaches even better as we go along.

So, thank you, and I hope you enjoy the presentation today. And so hopefully you too will be able to take learning to drive broken escalators and setting time until next to join project. Thank you.