Creating a one-stop shop EMA (Electronic Managment of Assesment) solution with Canvas

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Hi, Manny Sports. How is I'm a HSE developed in a college learning teaching at the University. What helps you talk about crazy that one stop shop, for EMA electric my assessment Solutions in Congress. Something that weighs. Are we working for the wall now and hopefully going to get lunch as soon. So that we had, before we rolling out.

I'm free this week for that. We are hungry and virtual learning environment all anime called wolf and many. Many years was around since 1996. And then we watched aggressive, Jesse move away from the boys canvas potato bowl coming from a man system, and it will create the assessment with an old. Are they? Assessment students will also be pulled in and also added into the current topics for that causes assessments of being finalized and grades, were entered into our old Ally with wolf.

Those crates could be sink back into a shoot, my system. Cody Vision. What is she was taking them as well? The main drawback that we have our own system was it wasn't linked to any successful policy of process was inconsistent. Use of you hearing that live in the University, but it wasn't use widespread. So what do I do when the moon's, what we found was always things in the UK.

Excessive trusses in policies, a completely different reason a browser with in National City. Department policy, the slightly different assessment criteria slightly different as well. So we once you slice it, wonderful features that we have to be dry to book, the ability to do, annotations video and audio feedback, but we wanted to try and link to the assessment policy with the learning technology. In all the time. We struggled with without processed, the learning technology wasn't quite matching with what we want to do in Santa Barbara.

Sorry. Going on to the celebration of our book. We set out to do, we want to One-Stop shop for assessment. We wanted everything to pay in one location that I can be accessed by academics. YouTube on craisin feedback.

We were all tonight. We're supposed to go talkin about what we had previously, where they date would be wanting something similar around those of ideas single source of Truth for assessment. So why you make sure that the data was, was in a single location. You find some place to remind me system and we could then generate those assessments away from them as well. What we also found was that we wanted to make sure that they grow so fast as well.

So they could understand whether Martin deadlines where what needs to happen, where, and when Watch neighbor organization, policies, enforcement note to self recruit policies, but things that might change surname in light of covid-19, you slice and utilize those policies with the lady Technologies box. We want to use the rich functionality that with all the games with things like Speed Racer, and great book and video, and audio feedback still wanting to use that what you want. So that was a Chief Keef each other. What we decide to do is we had a safety risk assessment on TV, but life cycle. Start with g.

I t u k e stand for joint information system. The Fantastic resource that we have been higher, education has been at the UK and we are some processes. So what we started off with with a slicer, a cycle specifying, we want to make sure that they date, it was cracked within six weeks with an out of state at generate. Those assessments, been canvassed, pulling that Dieter from a student management system supporting element of the assessment. Life cycle is, due would be loading, content and materials, the best way we could provide the canvas, your pricing, multiple Pages, quizzes, logs, discussion, whatever it might be Students with their assessments submitting using those ultimate automatic crated secretaries from the title that was generated choose to submit that word into canvas using assessment tools.

And that was my face is more moving around while we focus on the assessment center qualities in you that wants use. The first element is the most students are at academics good at grade. I'm going to the suspects entered, a good grade on, give feedback on the huge piece of what they could also recalled grading in speedgrader, which would then going round cycle again, return of the Marx toy ones. All the grades being in. They could sink those marks that would go off.

Student management system, I don't start the students who get a copy of them. Is any Soul has been applied. That will go get them. Busted really important to reflect on what they've done with their assessment and I got them oxen feedback. But also it's really important to make sure they reflect on how well their assessment.

May be some minor modifications need to be amended or or something like that to everybody back to contact for the next academic year. Thank you both. So as I spell mentioned, we we rode out the first of the life cycle last Academic Year, which is all about getting the assessment created and promoting them make it. We're using those exams. They were all created.

Things must be greater functionality. But then push back. Post office box, box to fix logic around with options around a policy around reductions For Recess with the option of Lights Mission. That's really important that it was controlling Market, price ever made in Hollywood U-Haul, when I have to be back in to come. Listen to speak, right? It was the member of the bunch of lead us.

All right, with that. Happy benity to publish the icebox. If this point, they're not available to students published eyes bright. And once I click that technically, it sends the blanks. We're not processing is complete.

I'm going to Kohls those box back through into campus and ask the relevant to students. The relevant comments to students reach the Mission Against the Machine to say you of your car. Before that. She will get another common sight. This is a final grade Annabelle.

See the full history in the comment So I will move on to giving a screenshot from a distance from the principle behind this really was to try and then ice cream on it and keep it with keeping a single, like, I should. So, what would the rest? So, what is a screenshot shy with? You is a list of Assessments and the relative importance of the top based on how close the assessment is to be walking towards the end of the marking window. So, we have a concept of Market window where four weeks after the assessments, you date, we commit to having the box of device available to students that what Miss does, what was unable? Stop and then it will filter down. The list is formulated from. So it's individual to each individual use it.

And it is driven by what teacher access. They have a book that are all within within nice coffee. So we can say that we can see your report for 12217, can Satanist with post three based on those canvas course enrollments and they it gives his academic staff about the assessment. So hey, we can see the first ones 126 missions that require grading. The deadline for marking the 2nd of September.

WhatsApp content do is they would then click through to come the grave with him within that it would click through to the single Assessment Services of you within,, within a single teachers are enrolled on. So they get to a single to, right? To see the assessment center of this is what is presented to them. So is that is about 7 students, who haven't yet submitted. So that that deadline is pending awesome. A ship is built around our submission policy, which is sweeter able to submit any points up until their deadlines or sometimes an extension sometimes.

If they have and if they have submitted the point of death, like it will close the portal. If they haven't submitted a week then to submit light on the end and see your Marcus with used on a sliding scale, depending on how late I like they are. So what this presents at least just yet because I was still able to submit the deadline but it's moving on to the next screen which is about. We're pretty much means that the shooting at work but example Electronic submission of people to do is post complete record of of the bishop Estates ultimately to Jack's and then and they can end. This is so pissed.

This list of students is ultimately any student that is submitted for what could be a copy submission that recorded three when one of our street gateways where they fall code. So what they can do from the screen as you can see, from a right hand side that we've got gray in color, that I would start with click on the right person. Sorry, that would take them off to the specific speedgrader page for that specific submission. That go through my clothes that they won't happen is is that will then remove that student from this list. It really is a fall asleep without the contact to the to-do list.

Why you started it up and see if you work your way through stamolis. When do this is MC. Essentially means there's no most recent ready to submit feedback. Will see that. I said crooked, if an option to the difference of octopus and a squid in that week that we recorded a question and it basically, it turns out the next person that comes into being graded, so that they don't need to worry about that one.

Next to something else. We are looking to introduce embarking teams a bit further down this tube. Once they've been through that process dimensions, compared when it's ready to stand because I'm ready to send to. This is this is where streets of Mission to be marks the basement. It's ready for review of the moderation, Craigslist and they're ready to be sent back to sit.

So as you can see here, we can say we we presented the screen where the person locking in cuz he was a crazy but also a walk with us on the team, the greatest and we can see who invented who invented the Christ walked the great was here when I talk about compressor. As per a box as well. So I don't need a bunch of leader is that it is and then click a second grade second grade, which has asked for the price as before with and send all those braids back into them, back up into them. So they will appear to the students but it's the next screen they would say is that it is the Great Britain. Available to students at what point in the price at all day.

So we can see from the first. We can see the published probation, which means that it's come through, the entire process is available to students and it's a provisional grade. If, for example, there's a backlog of prudence has been grazed. Been protesting said, it would fade out there that could be available to students exactly when things are still able to report which students have been like the gangster. So it gives them a simple filter list and then I can give you those those submissions Anthem review them and if they want.

James Wallace's, police report Anonymous barking as well. So I can only message blocking is enabled on the assessment, which for all of our campers online submission and it will be, it will fly able to play the anonymous each submission and they, but they shooting for the market will still be a Skype 3 to the relevance and rather than speak right away. I hope I'll be able to borrow into two students except except when they're entering the mall and they're entering the box. So So that's what we are helping with us. That's what is currently scheduled to be delivered in a box of chicken at market prices.

Where we mention about staff Saving Time previously, published Buster saving time. Is there by giving them a simple to-do list. We don't have to go for which teams have submitted. So, we sometimes have extenuating circumstances for Montreal excetra. Say anything that's available for Mark, where it is, but it's makes it into a single place.

Yes, pain. It's the culmination of his. We Fest information cabinets in a round about time. Does This work than what we started discovering is that we need sorrowful at work around a Cessna, private assistant. Tell if you want to see some eye, something at rhinos, make something we need to turn it into pizza dough.

Repeatable process, lots of different about years, maybe 18 months to years. Going through these prices, going through every single prices, in the date of, that would be needed to support them and try to answer all the questions. So it was a huge amount of time went into that. Part of the process. That was the biggest biggest statue, technical development, but it wasn't, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Because we, we have been through that process and Bob's position, I think compared compared to how to build a new battery place. Your registration a rescue team to build a new processes to put a plate. Cut two. Dates to make sure, make sure we posting reporting incidents where an assessment assessment review, exit, where they where they, where they want to. It's necessary.

I can we talk about this in a roundabout 2017? 2 years worth of Alexa 2 years worth of effort was to Stage protests. This is just a tighter integration know I'm not a business change process definition for lured by the technical. This started ounces a day to integration piece of work. It really, really, really isn't. So it's probably a twenty-five percent.

It's on Netflix about the nest was actually owned a technical building off the Integrations, excetra everything else about designing. The process May contribute to its ride with you and the ditech designing the solution. I meant. And then we went into the build the pills prices. So I think so because of other things, Shipping anti University to to purely online, is done isn't an easy.

So please do the things and this whole thing starts. Take a bit late. Be back in your organization and its benefits and he seems he provides divers address for students to submit to them. After the cop said, if it's causing issues with think it's going to cause a few more things. I would try to support students as best.

We can to rudog pandemic, which has been spent some of their policies into the price. I said, so we, we've deliberately made a little bit. Inside shifting to self certification for for extensions in extenuation circumstances than having to provide evidence, why you were unable to submit when I'm leaving back to two more more baby. A more normal and making use of these puzzles. They cancel it because as we know something, if it comes deviate from that room, so it's essentially going to hit a few challenges.

Is that as well? So what next, what happened to you launch? The suspension if we're not back in your fingers crossed, I will be at already exploring song Forever by the apartments New functionality. Been there forever. Nothing by the motivation. Make you feel. It's the mode right now.

They can fly with what they look like sidetracks team walking. So you can allocate certain people of specific use to mop. And also the processing terms of the seventies conduct as well movie. Review Galaxy soap. Speaking to a good idea that we want to make sure we can develop just a few times and Reporting.

It was a previous they will be enhancing their paws in the morning train or the second person to make sure I stay in effect. Is it is a semester in what way What is the time to do? All that is wrapped up with training awareness, support Garden, start a Google call eggs at Kearney building as we speak. So, I think one of our biggest challenges that we're going to face is the December January. By submission point when I start using Stan Smith Center, in terms of what they had to had to be used as to mate, final years of a semester 1 search. If you really interesting around that time, what day in vacations office has been sent and we're hoping they would save him from you say or 9 seeing you soon as well. So I take cat.