What is Canvas?

Video Transcript
As an educator, you're facing a lot of challenges and changes. It can be hard to know which software is best for you With canvas, you know you'll be in good hands as you study or teach with the world's number one learning solution. Whether you study or teach in person, online, or a mix of the two. Canvas can help you streamline your education experience so that you can help your students reach all their academic goals. Our technology is made to be easy to use for people of all ages More than thirty million active users choose Canvas across thousands of institutions from kindergartens to all the Ivy League universities in the US. Let's meet some people who are on a learning journey with Canvas.

This is Lee, a teacher. He's using Canvas virtual classrooms to make his classes lectures more engaging. Students, Alice, and Sunil are tackling their homework and tracking their progress with all the latest apps including Zoom, Microsoft teams, Microsoft suite, studio, catalog, and impact. Sunita is behind the scenes in administration. She's checking detailed student data and tracking performance in a meaningful way.

And Daniel is up to date with his son's progress whenever he wants to check-in. There are no walls to effective education in a virtual classroom. Canvas simplifies it all. Canvas makes it easier for Sonita to set up the semester from organizing enrollments to notifying faculty staff on a platform set up for desktop and mobile. The fully streamlined platform enables Lee to personalize coursework depending on how many of his twenty students this term, he's teaching face to face and how many students are logging on from home, like Alice and Sunil, Let's see how Canvas connects the dots for these people over the course of an academic term.

Canvas brings hybrid education to life, so that both face to face and online learners can enjoy their experience. With canvas's mastery path tool, Lee can look at real time performance data to create targeted learning activities for each student. Here, he assigns top performers to the advanced path in their own discussion group. And those who need a little more help he assigns extra materials to support their studies so that no student, including Alice, feels left behind, As the semester progresses, Lee can stay on top of Alice's progress at any time by tracking it through Canvas Gradebook and giving feedback to keep her motivated on her online learning journey. Around holiday time, when students are on the move, Lee records a mini lecture using studio screen record and shares it with the entire class.

Then it's up to the students to decide how they hand in their homework. Alice opts for a Google doc that she submits as a PDF and inside it, there are links to YouTube videos spreadsheets, and even some hand drawn diagrams. Sunil has a different approach. He records a presentation on his mobile and submits his video directly to Lee. All of that can happen in Canvas.

When you empower learners to take ownership of their learning, it's proven to improve both student outcomes and larger learning goals overall. Imagine what you can achieve when you connect with the largest, most active community in education. Be a part of bringing the world together through online education The opportunities are endless with our virtual classrooms, and find out how Canvas can help your organization thrive today.

Canvas is the world’s number one learning solution.

Whether you study or teach in-person, online, or a mix of the two, Canvas can help you streamline your education experience so that you can help your students reach all their academic goals.

Our technology is made to be easy-to-use for people of all ages. Watch this video to learn more about why thousands of institutions choose Canvas as their learning solution.