Video: Grimsby Institute & Canvas

Video Transcript
Grimsby Institute is a very very special place. We have a very diverse cohort of students. We have around 25000 students, 30% of whom have a learning difficulty or disability, and the areas that we serve have some very wide spread disadvantage and deprivation. So it's our job really to level the playing field for them. The use of technology that we employ to do that I think is quite well leading. Grimsby to be such a small town or able to give our learners the best job possible.

We teach them to be bold brave and innovative. I have progressed so much in my confidence in my technical skills. There are things that I would have never ever learned. Innovative technology comes in many different forms. We use Canvas.

Canvas belongs to learners and our students. It doesn't belong to the staff. The staff just build a platform to enable what the learners need. Canvas is a comfort to me because I'm so used to working independently at home that it's really given me that place to go whenever I need help. Canvas is brilliant because it's so accessible.

For me when I lost my eyesight I turned to technology to get my goals and that's what it's done. The learners in Grimsby are fabulous. It's wonderful seeing the difference from the first day to the last day of work. They've progressed. Education looks completely different now because of technology.

We want our students to have an engaging, fun, and exciting learning experience. It's really opened my mind to possibilities that I could do anything. The job is to make sure that our students lives end very differently from the way they may have started. It's not enough to educate. It's our job to change the world through education.

It isn't enough to teach a course. We have to help them not just make a living. We have to help them make a life.

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