Education for All: Discover the Power of the Instructure Learning Platform


At Instructure, we believe that education is for everyone and remain committed to furthering this mission through our products and partnerships. Watch this video to see how this vision comes to life.

Video Transcript
[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: They say education is for the young. They say education is for those who can afford it. They say education is for those who have time, who don't work a 9 to 5 job, who are close to a campus or anything at all. They say education is a competition, that you're only in it for yourself. That it's for those who have things like high-speed internet, for people who are healthy, and able-bodied, nuerotypical, and native speaking. A "one size fits all" experience.

And if you don't fit, then that's on you. But their favorite thing to say is that education just isn't for everyone. And you know what? That's where we say they're wrong. Education shouldn't check your ID or your bank account. Education can and should be on demand.

It should be flexible, work around your schedule. Education should be there when you need it, even when you can't move your arms. Education should be just as rugged as you are. It should be accessible on the go or on the stay. Education shouldn't be a competition.

It should be a collaboration with your teachers, with your peers, with anybody else you need help from. Education will never be a "one size fits all" experience. Every institution is different. Everybody's needs are unique. And education is at its best when it embraces that idea, when it partners with everyone, when those who it touches are empowered to help shape how it looks.

Education for the people, by the people. So forget what they say. Education should be for everyone. With the Instructure learning platform, it is.

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