Canvas Catalog Product Demo


Whether you're a student, teacher, or part of an educational institution, Canvas Catalog is an easy and intuitive way for your institution to publicly present inviting and impactful course offerings. It provides users with a unified system for browsing, paying, enrolling, and learning. Watch now to discover how Canvas Catalog eliminates unnecessary in-house maintenance so your staff are free to focus on what’s most important - the teaching and learning experience. Let's dive in and discover how Canvas Catalog can revolutionise your learning experience.


This product video will showcase Canvas Catalog, a part of the Instructure Learning Platform, with a focus on educator, student, and institution perspectives.

Educator Perspective
  - Canvas Catalog helps educators create a customisable online storefront for their courses.
  - Personalise storefront design, branding, and content with ease.
  - It offers responsive design for learners to access from any device, expanding the audience reach.
  - Simplifies in-house maintenance and enrolment management, allowing educators to focus on teaching.
  - Integrates seamlessly with payment gateways for streamlined registration and payment processes.
  - Offers automated account creation and enrolment management, including certificate issuance.

Student Perspective
  - Canvas Catalog offers a user-friendly experience for learners.
  - It simplifies the registration process and offers an intuitive search and browse function.
  - Learners can easily filter and sort course offerings based on their preferences.
  - The platform is scalable, accommodating traditional and non-traditional learners.
  - Supports work-ready skill development and lifelong learning.

Institution Perspective
  - Canvas Catalog streamlines student enrolment management.
  - Payment integrations enable efficient fund collection for courses.
  - Allows for discounts using promotional codes, including international discounts.
  - Offers a unified, institution-themed interface for educators and learners.
  - Facilitates easy monitoring of analytics and export of reports.
  - Eliminates in-house maintenance, freeing up staff to focus on teaching and learning.

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