October 7th 2021

InstructureCon21 Lives On!

You can still watch (or re-watch) the amazing keynotes and breakout sessions. See why Dr. Ford has become a role model for the next generation of innovators. Get inspired by Will.i.am’s passion for creating educational opportunities for disadvantaged students around the world. Learn how your fellow educators are using technology to help children of all ages thrive and live up to their full potential.

Keynote Speakers



Grammy-award-winning Musician and Tech Entrepreneur

Dr. Knatokie Ford

Dr. Knatokie Ford

Biomedical Scientist, Former Whitehouse Advisor, and

Lauren Bush Lauren

Lauren Bush Lauren

Founder and CEO of FEED

Congrats to the Educators of the Year Award Winners!

Meet some of your region’s most inspirational educators. These folks are going above and beyond for their students.