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      Studiosity: A New Student Support Service in Canvas

      Studiosity is a support service which provides students with an opportunity to submit draft work for evaluation of the quality of their academic writing, e.g. grammar, level, referencing, etc. An Australian company founded in 2003, Studiosity has been engaging with the UK HE market since 2017, gaining a good reputation with institutions such as Manchester Met, Exeter, and De Montford.

      At the University of Sunderland, we decided to run a pilot with Studiosity in 2021 and developed an early intervention activity branded as "Write it Right" to help identify any issues which may be a barrier to student success and, in turn, help to improve our retention, progression, and attainment rates - a University priority.

      As the first UK institution to integrate Studiosity into Canvas, we had to work closely with technical colleagues there to work out the best options and settings to use, a process complicated by the fact that we were only making the service available to a particular pilot cohort, a measure which ultimately drove us to using a dedicated Studiosity Module within Canvas. In this presentation, we will share what we learned from this process, and the impact Studiosity has had on our students.