Higher Education Assessment and AI: Making Sense of Change


The Guide offers a forward-thinking exploration into the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education assessment. It provides actionable insights and innovative strategies for educators looking to harness AI's potential to enhance learning outcomes. Here’s what you will learn from the guide:

- Insights into the latest guidelines from the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) for AI in assessment.
- Strategies for creating authentic, real-world learning scenarios that bridge various disciplines.
- The importance of continuous assessment aligned with workforce readiness and student portfolio development.
- Techniques for fostering active learning environments through technology, even in remote settings.
- Approaches to inclusive, varied, and contextualised assessment methods that cater to diverse learning styles.

This guide is an invaluable resource for educators and institutions aiming to adapt their teaching and assessment methods to embrace the opportunities presented by AI, ensuring they are at the forefront of educational innovation and student success.