The State of Vocational Education in the Philippines [2023 Infographic]


Explore the infographic on the "State of Vocational Education in the Philippines 2023," and gain valuable insights into the current landscape to help you stay ahead of disruption.


Discover the following key findings:

  • More than two-thirds of vocational institutions in the Philippines reported seeing an increase in competition from universities via non-traditional courses.
  • 78% of vocational institutions reported that the current inflationary environment has had a moderate or major impact on their institution.
  • More than ever, technology usage is integral to success, with 97% of educators believing their use of technology has impacted student success.
  • Institutions continue to use an LMS, with 94% reporting an increase in LMS use over the past year.
  • More than half of institutions reported moderately or majorly struggling with ability to scale enrolments (63%), institutional profitability (59%), and student satisfaction with course (57%) being reported as the top three areas of concern.
  • The infographic sheds light on the increasing influence of generative AI tools and how educators are using them.
  • The infographic also presents insights from administrators and trainers in the Philippines, highlighting that progressive students are better positioned to navigate disruption. Institutions with heavy LMS use reported significantly better ability to scale enrolments, higher student completion rates, better student retention, and higher profitability.

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