The power of Canvas. No Cost.

Canvas Free-for-Teacher: For Educators Everywhere

Canvas Free-for-Teacher has the essential features and functionality of Canvas LMS, even if your institution is not a Canvas customer. Whether you're delivering courses or want to get to know basic Canvas features, you can leverage the power of Canvas at no cost for your teachers and students.

Learn the basics of Canvas Free-for-Teacher

Leverage the features and intuitive design that has made Canvas a fixture of the modern learning environment. Want to see Canvas in action? Learn the basics of Canvas Free-for-Teacher by watching this video, and get ready to enjoy the confetti.

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We wanted to get everyone on the same page and have meaningful conversations with one another about what online learning is and what could be done with Canvas

Johnny Go

Director of the Science and Art of Learning and Teaching (SALT) Institute

Canvas Free-for-Teacher Features

Course Creation

Build from scratch using Canvas’ intuitive tools or import from Canvas Commons; Integrate your course with third-party applications

Powerful Quizzing and Assignments

Create media-rich quizzes and assignments through Canvas’ powerful Rich Content Editor

Utilise the Canvas Mobile Apps

Access Canvas from the dedicated Mobile Apps for students, teachers, and observers too!

Individualised Learning

Utilise Mastery Paths, Outcomes, and Learning Mastery Gradebook for student-specific learning opportunities.


Leverage Course-level analytics to measure student performance and make impactful instructional decisions when they're needed most.

Dynamic Learning with Canvas LMS

Canvas Free-for-Teacher provides many engaging and dynamic course-level features to teachers and students to utilise. Provide dynamic learning opportunities and meaningful collaboration among students while allowing teachers the chance to save precious time.

Canvas free for techer, canvas fft, canvas free vs paid, canvas free, canvas free for teachers
Canvas free for techer, canvas fft, canvas free vs paid, canvas free, canvas free for teachers

Be a part of the Instructure Family

Canvas Free-for-Teacher gives the opportunity to collaborate with other educators across the globe. Share ideas and get support on best practices.

Access the Free-for-Teacher User Group within the Canvas Community for tips, tricks, and ideas

Leverage the Study Hall for stories, testimonies, and other resources

Get in-app support via Impact by Instructure directly within Canvas Free-for-Teacher


Is Great For


Those who want to get to know Canvas

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Educators who need a space to deliver their curriculum

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Non-profit organisations

What are the differences between Free-for-Teacher and a Paid Account?

Free-for-Teacher provides course-level access only without administrative controls and options.

Canvas client support only assists with basic requests from Free-for-Teacher users.

Free-for-Teacher allows course-level integrations with third-party applications but no central app management.

Free-for-Teacher does not provide the ability to integrate additional Instructure products, such as Studio, Mastery, and Elevate.


*Course-level Features include Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Grades, People, Pages, Files, Syllabus, Outcomes, Quizzes, Modules, Conferences, Collaborations, Course Settings, etc.


Account Feature Options

Paid Canvas

Free for Teacher

Course-level Features*
Canvas-Enabled External Tools (LTIs)

Chat, New Quizzes Quizzes tool, Roll Call Attendance, SCORM (Assignments)

User Roles Student, Teacher, TA, Designer, Observer + Custom Roles

Student, Teacher, TA, Designer, Observer

Canvas Customer Support/Admin Ticketing System  
File Storage MB set by admin 50 MB user/group*

500 MB/course 50 MB user/group*