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Canvas for Vocational

Engage Learners Like Never Before

Institutions are expanding their blended and online learning programs, and Canvas’ open architecture provides the most engaging, reliable, extensible learning ecosystem. How extensible, you ask? We’re talking integrates-with-over-400-edtech-partners extensible.

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Put Your Business in a Stronger Position

Meet Compliance Requirements With Ease

Canvas assists vocational training providers to comply with regulatory and industrial requirements by providing automatic data retention for easy submission, communication and reporting with evidence.

Boost Business Efficiency via Scalable Instruction

Your business benefits from cutting travels across multiple sites and markets, enabled by cost-efficient instruction and collaboration via video recording, conferencing and apps, regardless of class size, location and time zone.

Enhance Student Experience and Learning Outcomes

Student success is inextricably connected to their engagement. Canvas facilitates and scales deep, meaningful interactions and enhances learning outcomes by enabling engaging content and easy two-way feedback.

Even More Reasons Why Canvas Is The Right LMS For You

Ease of Use

With a clean interface and intuitive navigation, Canvas offers a simplified, streamlined experience for instructors and learners in any field of training or learning program.

Mobile Capability

Canvas mobile apps for iOS and Android give lecturers and learners the tools they need, whenever they need them and wherever they are. Canvas takes learning way beyond the classroom (and way beyond the desktop).

Innovation and Reliability

Open since the start, Canvas provides all the benefits of an open architecture with full support, robust security and on-going innovation and guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Everything Integrated

Canvas connects with all your information management systems, edu apps, tools and content providers. It’s your one-stop shop of all things teaching and learning; your creation station of cohesive, customised and inclusive learning environment.

Meeting Different Learning Needs

Canvas is designed to suit different training and learning needs in any field of vocational programs.

Managing Skills Beyond a Qualification

Badging can be used to help facilitate Recognition of Prior Learning, to managing skills beyond a qualification and for recording staff qualifications and skills.


The Academy of Interactive Entertainment & Canvas

Teachers and students at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Australia are able to control how Canvas is used in their educational experiences, rather than relying on IT for all their LMS needs. The usability, customisability and clean interface of Canvas helps students prepare to enter the workforce and grow the gaming industry.